RSS Readers

So, I just noticed that Feedly has been removing feeds from my dashboard, which is a huge no and is making me consider jumping in to an alternative. What options are there around nowadays? I wish Google Reader wouldn’t have closed down like it did.

I use Inoreader

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I use beyond pod, one time charge and we’ll worth it.

I use NewsBlur. It’s a paid webapp with iOS and Android apps for mobile reading. It’s something like 20 dollars a year, which I think is great value.

Still using Feedly.

Is it clear why Feedly did that? Is there a cap on the number of feeds in the free version?

I’m using Feedly for web/backend with Reeder on iOS. Reeder is fantastic. It’s one of my always-visible-bottom-row icons on the home screen.

I jumped to commafeed when Google Reader disappeared. I don’t particularly like it, but it’s just enough that I don’t bother finding an alternative.

I use QuiteRSS. Used to use RSSOwl but it became unreliable.

I use Feedbin. $20/year and integrates with Reeder on iOS.


I haven’t had any issues with Feedly, but I only use it for webcomics and a couple blogs, so it only gets checked once every week or so.

Reeder is my favorite RSS app. It’s one of the lucky four apps that lives on my bottom row.

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I didn’t realize Mozilla bought Pocket… 5 years ago? Makes me feel better about using it.

One of the features it offers is “RSS feed of your saved items” so I’m using it to save one-off articles to my feed reader. Works pretty nicely on phone and desktop.

I was using Feedly for a few years, now I’m using Inoreader. I really wish I could get the best of both worlds. Feedly has better UI. It’s also better at intelligent features like detecting duplicate articles when the same news story is reported by several different sites. Inoreader is better with letting you explicitly customize and interact with your feeds with filters, rules, webhooks, etc.

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