Rocket League

If anyone wants to partyup, shoutout!

What Natural Selection is to RTS + FPS

Rocket + Pokemon = …

People still play this game?
I haven’t heard about Rocket League for the past few years.

I quit because the community became far too toxic once it became an Esport and gained a comp mode - every other motherfucker thought they were the next Kronovi and were just being held back by the dumb teammates, and was determined to let them know as aggressively as possible. But people definitely kept playing it - steam charts suggests that an average of about 50-60 thousand people per day are playing it, with occasional peaks as high as a hundred.

The toxicity is mostly at the lower ranks.

When you get to platinum, which isn’t that difficult you don’t get it. As much.

The reporting and muting makes the game worth playing as it’s still a high skill game.

There’s alot of different modes that are fun and that help sharpen skills for the classic mode.

I definitely recommend playing for skill. It’s very satisfying.

Nah, I have a job, and other games to play. I don’t feel the need to have to spend hours of time practicing and playing just to rank up enough to the lofty heights of “Get abused less.”