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Super Motherload is super good, so your choice is more than valid.


I actually didn’t know Restoration Games was doing this, I’m interested. However… I’m not surprised that their new addition to Kramer’s old card racing system is “we added variable player powers,” that seems like the easiest (and most ignorable) thing you can add to any game to update it.


Wow the bloom came off that rose awfully fast


All I want to do…

Is take Formula D…

And make it Mario Kart!



There is a very popular mod of X-Wing miniatures that turns it into Mario Kart. Play on a racetrack, pick up items along the way, etc.

One of the designers I roomed with at BGG.CON 2015, Daniel Solis, was working on a Mario Kart-style board game and pitching it at the con. I don’t think it wound up going anywhere.

Portal Games put out Crazy Karts last year but I heard zero buzz on it (


Who needs Blue shells when you have 3 red dice and focus.


I’m shamelessly stealing this from a BGG thread, because I like the idea. For some contrived reason, you need to destroy all of your tabletop games, but you can save 20 games according to the following parameters.

Choose up to ten game designers, you may keep two games designed by any given game designer. You must keep exactly 2. Which games do you keep?

I’ll start with the thing I’m most certain about - Carl Chudyk: Innovation and Mottainai. I will miss Glory to Rome a little, but I get to keep Mottainai.

My other designers would be Tom Lehmann, Vlaada Chvatil, Sid Sackson, Jeroen/Joris (from Splotter), Uwe Rosenberg, Simone Luciani, Reiner Knizia, Stefan Feld, and Kramer/Kiesling, but I need to decide what games I’d keep in many cases…


Picking only designers of which I own 2 games seriously limited options.

Donald X: Dominion and Kingdom Builder
Chudyk: Glory to Rome and Innovation
Knizia: Battleline, T&E
Martin Wallace: Automobile, Discworld
Mattt Leacock: Panemic Iberia and Pandemic Legacy
Corey Konieczka: Game of Thrones 2nd Ed, X-Wing
Alan Moon: Ticket to Ride, Incan Gold
Stephan Feld: Castles of Burgundy, Aquasphere
Uwe Rosenberg: Bohnanza, Agricola (oh god can I keep Patchwork too)
Antione Bauza: 7 Wonders, Takenoko

Only ones I left out are Alex Pfister, Ted Alspach, Andrew & Kristin Looney, Richard Breese, Rob Daviau, Richard Garfield, Inka & Markus Brand, Sid Sackson, ok maybe a few others. That list was longer than I thought.

Wow I also don’t own any other Freideman Friese game besides Power Grid. Shame.


My Knizia choices would be T&E and Medici (although I don’t feel like I’ve given it enough time to really solidify as a favorite).
Feld would be Trajan and Notre Dame (ditto).
Rosenberg would be Schnappchen Jagd and … probably Glass Road. But then I’d really miss Bohnanza, Mamma Mia, Le Havre and Fields of Arle.

Friedemann is a designer where I will always try every new design, but I don’t know if there are two games I couldn’t live without. Probably Power Grid the Card Game and Black Friday?


I like and follow certain designers, but my collection isn’t robust enough to have 2 games from a given designer. I have 20 games I want to keep, but they’re all singletons.


I think currently the only designer I have more than 2 games of is Rosenberg, in which case I would say Glass Road and Bohnanza, though I would also miss having Patchwork. If Katie gets to keep 2 as well then we can make an exception there since she likes it more than I do.


Mac Gerdts - Imperial 2030 and Concordia


With my micro boardgame collection, I’m pretty sure I’d keep everything. Now if we’re talking roleplaying games, this would be trouble.

  • Coworker talked about Oh Hell last week so I brought Wizard this week.
  • Yeah, I ordered a copy of Wind the Film!


After thinking it through, I think Kramer + Kiesling wouldn’t make my final list, because I want to keep one Wolfgang Kramer design (El Grande) and one Michael Kiesling design (Vikings).

Carl Chudyk - Innovation, Mottainai.
Tom Lehmann - Race for the Galaxy, 1846. And I will still lose 4 more games that I would love to keep (Favor of the Pharaoh, Phoenicia, Jump Drive, Fast Food Franchise)
Vlaada Chvatil - Mage Knight, Through the Ages.
Sid Sackson - Acquire, Samarkand.
Jeroen + Joris - Indonesia, Food Chain Magnate.
Uwe Rosenberg - Schnappchen Jagd, Glass Road.
Simone Luciani - Tzolk’in, Grand Austria Hotel.
Reiner Knizia - Tigris & Euphrates, Medici.
Stefan Feld - Trajan, Notre Dame. But In the Year of the Dragon would be good, too.
Friedemann Friese - Fresh Fish, Black Friday. It would be real difficult to choose between Black Friday and Power Grid: The Card Game.


My list was definitely formed with having a nice and varied 20 game collection. Gotta have some 2p. Gotta have some 8p.

Also, Richard Breese is eligible but not present b/c I own Keyflower and Reed Encounter but have played NEITHER. Shaaaaaaaame.


Had a lot of fun with this over the last few months, if I’m going to be a large child at least I’m one with passable taste. :wink:


Played my first ever game of Carcassonne with real people tonight. Only every played on the app before.


I haven’t done a weekly gaming post in a while, so let’s do this (with a bit of a format change, I’m going to list everything first)

1x Tigris & Euphrates
1x Shadowrun: Crossfire
1x Res Publica
1x Sheep ‘n’ Sheep (new)
1x Samarkand
1x Bus (new)
1x Colony
1x Keltis: Der Weg der Steine
3x Onirim
2x Okey Dokey (new)
1x Pyramids
2x TIME Stories
1x Near & Far
4x Shephy (new)
3x Yamatai (new)

Yamatai is an interesting tactical puzzle, but the scoring feels a touch flat (majorities or first-to-n achievements would help for me). I am interested in any expansion that adds something like this. :]

Bus was a very enjoyable first play, even though we missed nearly every opportunity to mess with one another since we were all learning. We played much more quickly than the box suggested, which seems to be standard for most Splotter games I have played.

I got to play Tigris & Euphrates and Res Publica on the same day, which was a treat.

I’m enjoying “Character Mode” in Near & Far more than Above & Below, due to the comparative coherence and entertainment value of the stories in the book. The mechanisms around the book feel more developed, too.

Sheep ‘n’ Sheep is an early highlight of the big Japanese game box that arrived on Saturday, and might be the most immediately impressive Hisashi Hayashi game I have played (even compared to Yokohama and Minerva). Shephy is a cute solitaire game, but it already feels 95% solved after four plays. I did find half a dozen official variants on BGG which seem much harder, so I’m going to try them next.

The pile of Japanese games:


Finally some board games.

Clank!: a friend brought it over and introduced it to us. Finally a deck building game I can get behind since Dominion.and adds more with the dungeon delving, risk taking along the way. We purchased it.

Tokaido: Finally got around to playing the super samurai Kickstarter edition. Love all the figures and metal coins. As for the expansions of Crossroads and Matsuri, I liked the adding of Cherry Blossoms that give you 1 money and 2 VP vs having to choose the landscape/portraits. It actually gives incentive to want to go there to hopefully be first next time for staying back.

Kingdomino: Easy to learn and play. Quick fun game to definitely pass the time if you’re waiting on friends to show up to start the more hardcore games.

Playing more games this 4th. Definitely will play more Clank!


I won a friend bet when Bruna Cathala posted on twitter that it is pronounced King-doh-mee-no.

I’ve had a good bit of gaming in June. Let me see if I can remember it all:

  • Kingdomino
  • The Rose Queen
  • Pandemic: Iberia
  • Unearth (2x)
  • Pandemic Legacy (x2)
  • La Isla
  • Las Vegas
  • Codenames: Deep Undercover
  • Mord Im Arosa
  • Great Western Trail
  • Parfrum
  • Outfoxed
  • Hive

I’ll take it.

Also I am forever jealous of Chris’s knowledge and acquisition of Japanese games.