Real Life Cooking Mama: Share Your Cooking Projects

I’ve been cooking lately. A lot.


You might have just made a soft “boiled” egg. Maybe there’s a window where you can kill the bad proteins and not denature the egg proteins?

There is a way to pasteurize shell eggs that keeps them as a liquid, but the process is proprietary and there’s only one company who sells them - at least in the US.

But yes, it’s possible. I have no idea how to do it.

Your ramen bowls are always a thing of beauty. I’m also way into the plating on that (I’m guessing?) Indian dish.

Thanks! It’s Palak Paneer with homemade Paratha

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Chicken Pot Pie




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I’m no Andy, but I did make a cheesecake day before yesterday -


Some more things I’ve made:

Summer Cannelloni

Homemade Egg McMuffins

Campfire Pancakes

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I will take some flex shots next time I’m cooking now that I know this thread exists

Excuse this late, bad pun, but your final bread loaf pics looks un-boule-ievablely good looking.

I made some homemade pizza dough and then cooked some pizza on a stone on the grill. You can see I got better stretching the dough out as I worked as that first one kind of looks like a map of the United States.


Got out of work early so I made homemade amaretto and homemade Irish cream for Magfest.


I forgot to take pictures of my quarantine sourdough

here’s this instead.

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Washing your meat? He just straight up puts the steak in water and squeezes it out a bunch.

If this wasn’t Kenji I’d think it was a troll:

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