Re-Pulse: A Redesign of Carl Chudyk's Impulse

I split this out from the Rage-Design thread, largely because it’s at the bottom and I can’t seem to edit it into the top comment.

For anyone who wants to play along at home, I put together a compiled doc that I’m calling the current Beta of my effort at revamping Carl Chudyk’s Impulse to be a not-shitty game.

I also have all the cards, plus 6 Faction cards (instead of making 6 different player mats, I just turned the factions into cards that you slap on a mat), a new Prestige Track, player mats, and print-and-play ship tokens. This should be everything you need to play.

So, if you’re inclined to play this sucker at home, go nuts. Just lemme know how it goes and toss suggestions to the email address in the doc. I’ll probably ignore like 90% of suggestions, but it can’t hurt!

I put a summary of changes and current thoughts up front. The rest of the doc is me rewriting the rulebook to hopefully suck less ass, and the last few pages are a full list of the actions with their size and color distribution and clarifying rules.

If you’re so inclined, feel free to fill this thread with your thoughts and suggestions based on playing the game and/or perusing my docs.

And now it’s up on Tabletop Simulator. Graphics and such will come later.