Random Questions

Yes. Literally since his Salon days. He also wasn’t much of a lawyer, and his porn and sex tourism businesses were pretty shitty and exploitative too.

He was never really much of a journalist. He was a columnist(Ie, writing opinion and giving perspective on current events, not reporting news), and most of his respect came from people attributing stories to him that he didn’t do the hard work on. Like the Snowden story, which he blew off because he couldn’t be arsed with the security measures Snowden wanted, and was only saved when Snowden copied in Laura Poitras, and she went “Holy shit, this is huge, what the fuck Glenn”. She then both brought in Ewen MacAskill(Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent), and started really pushing the story forward, dragging Glenn along like a balloon on a string because he was basically just the bait to keep snowden on the hook, since Snowden reached out to him first.

Fun facts - he also never got a Pulitzer, despite his claims. The Guardian won that Pulitzer, and he keeps claiming it as his own, despite it not being an individual prize, and despite being the smallest part of that team.

I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. A lot of his image for a while was based on basically three things: 1)Goodwill from the Snowden disclosures, 2)People naively assuming that the reason he hated liberals was because he was left-wing(He’s always been a pretty right-wing Ron Paul Libertarian), and 3)basically people being willing to look the other way on all the shitty stuff while singing his praises, because for quite a while there, even milquetoast Bernie support could cover a truly astounding amount of sins.


That explains a lot. Thank you. I definitely got duped by his being involved with the Snowden revelations and such. Tried for a long time to believe that he was just holding the Left’s feet to the fire in a positive way. That belief faded long ago.

No worries mate, happy to help. And again, there’s no need to be hard on yourself - you can’t be blamed for being fooled by someone actively playing silly games for personal gain, while surrounded by folks that have also been fooled and keep reinforcing it.

Does anyone have suggestions for how a non profit animal shelter can let volunteers sign up for shifts? My friend runs a cat shelter and asked for advice. She stopped accepting volunteers in 2020 due to COVID and wants to try slowly letting a small number of volunteers sign up for some shifts.

This weekend, I’m going to test using the Google appointment schedules, but does anyone have a better idea? My friend has a small monthly budget she can spend if buying a service is needed.

The goal is to let volunteers sign up for shifts so we can make sure not too many people are in the building at one time.

What you want to look for is free scheduling software. Calendly is really popular, and is pretty close, but is designed primarily for meetings, not shifts. Not sure if it will work. There are plenty of competitors, though.

Thanks! I’ll try Calendly this weekend along with Google appointment schedules and see which one works better.

wtf is a fruit log?