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Happy Zelda Day

Bigolas Dickolas.

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Finally watched Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Not a full review, just a random thought (hence why this thread rather than the movies one) that nevertheless warrants a spoiler:

A villain

I can’t believe they put M.O.D.O.K. into the MCU. Apparently a lot of people hated it but I loved it. Just a great balance of threatening and goofy.

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Honestly that addition was the only redeeming bit in the movie for me. Gimme all of that weird shit idgaf at this point lol

So just earlier this evening I finished building a second Space Marine Gladiator Lancer, which I wanted to spray an undercoat on alongside the first, as well as two character models. However, right in the middle of it my black spray ran out.

So I hop on my bike, drive to the game shop that is ten minutes further into the city and is still open due to a weekly Magic event, buy a can of Chaos Black, bike back and finish the job.

Living in a city is good.

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If there were a good time to shut down the machinery of white supremacy and capitalism, it would be right now.


Steve Jobs was a man I was only familiar with peripherally. He was always put up on a pedestal, but that always seemed like a facade to me because no man is responsible for his success alone. And a billionaire can’t be a good person almost by definition. When Jobs died he was basically canonized by the tech industry as a visionary which I always found strange.

Last year I started listening to a Podcast called “Behind the Bastards” about the worst people in history. I am sure some of you are familiar. Recently they did a series on Jobs’s life and boy howdy, I did not expect this. Besides constant bad calls in terms of technology and anti-consumer capitalist practices, as well as a horrible managerial practices, he is also a constantly abusive and neglectful father. Just an absolute shitstain of a person.

When he died a lot of made was also of it being caused by his esoteric believes about health. However, strangely this was the first time I heard about the apparently widely known fact that the man smelled like a six week old moose carcass because he believed his vegan diet would make personal hygiene unnecessary.

I am both perplexed and aghast. Fuck Steve Jobs.

If you think Jobs is bad, wait until you smell Elon’s Musk!


See I listened to those same episodes and yeah, Jobs was shitty, but idk if he was worse than Elon Musk? Like the guest says that several times and I was like “buddy, listen to the BTB episodes on Elon Musk, and SBF, and Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg!

I guess I’m saying that at least for me, Jobs was a shitty person but idk if his shittiness necessarily rises above the level of the other tech bois out there?

Could be that, given the guest, Evans wanted to pair a tech guy with him and he had already covered the other real bastards haha.

Jobs was shitty, but like, on a human scale.

Musk is shitty on like, an existential scale.


Jobs made something of value.
Musk made a shitty car.

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Splitting hairs at this point.

All billionaires are terrible people, without exception.

The harm they cause is global and existential thanks to carbon emissions, exploitation of people and resources. Damage to environments etc…

The manner in which they do harm is minutiae.

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It’s like dark magic. Using or acquiring too much money crosses a threshold.


The lease for my apartment is up in july. While I would have the option to extend it, I am currently considering buying a flat. To improve my finances I am selling off most of my Magic collection as since the pandemic I have played less and less. I spent the past week unsleeving decks, sorting cards, and cataloging them using the same software my LGS uses.

It has been quite a bit of work. However, I also can’t help and feel a bit sad, as I saw cards in multiple sorting passes that I have fond memories of playing with.