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What does GCV mean? Google and Urban Dictionary were no help.

Also, I made this as a response:

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General Contact Vehicle.

What do you use when you need to manage a fleet of magical girls?



Today I noticed, and confirmed, that, when possibly, my daughter will Riker any chair they’re sitting into. Unsure what to do with this information.

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As in,


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Saw a Joke today:

A translator, a localizer, and a fansubber walk into a bar, a McDonald’s, and an izakaya.


So the latest event in Granblue is Chocoshrooms vs. Chocosprouts, and the wrong side is winning right now:


I agree with you that the shroom is superior, but the sprout has always been the more popular candy.

Got my daughter a pocket synthesizer and they learned to play Never Gonna Give You Up on it, making me realize that song and Run to the Hills sounds nearly the same. My brain is broken now.

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Who the hell named it solar power and not photane

This tweet brought to you by the NYT spelling bee.

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Broke: Biweekly
Woke: Fortnightly

oh Bidoof, why have you done this?

A rating system, where the score is the number of good minutes in the movie, out of the total number of minutes.

High / high: An Epic.
Example: 140 / 155, Dune

High / low: Mini Masterpieces.
Example: 96 / 96, 12 Angry Men

Low / low: Don’t even bother.
Example: 0 / 95, The Dark Tower

Low / high: “Whoa, what scene is that?”
Example: 5 / 133, The Phantom Menace

Works for TV/podcasts/books too!


Just saw this thread in my feed:

Oh no, my crummy podcast nobody should listen to!

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I keep wanting to make a mini review of YouTube Music after switching to it from Spotify but every time I think I’ve found all the awful things about it another shows its head. It’s as is the designers created the mobile app and service with malicious intent, along with just bad execution of design.

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The alien monster from Critters are just hungry tumbleweeds from space instead of Russia.


I was describing the colloquial meaning of “service industry” to my son after seeing a flyer for a “service industry night” at a bar and he replied “that includes drug dealers, right?” I’m pretty he’s right. Hmm.

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