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New Japan’s Dominion show is, in my opinion, an all time classic must see event. I liked it better than Wrestle Kingdom.


This needs to become a regular thing.


Awww yeah baby today begins the most “innovative idea in the history of this business”…which is code for a single elimination tournament called the Cueto Cup!

The bracket is out and look out for my mans ??? to make a run. Anyone else have any predictions on how this might go?


Son of Havoc will probably end up fighting Angelico.


That is an asshole Cueto move that is befitting of a tournament in his name.


This seems odd and kind of unnecessary, but NJPW put Okada and Omega in the same block at the G1. Also in that block: Minoru Suzuki and Michael Elgin. Murderers row really. The other block is also not bad with Naito, Ibushi, Tanahashi and Ishii. Full list:

Block A
Bad Luck Fale
Hirooki Goto
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Kota Ibushi
Tetsuya Naito
Togi Makabe
Tomohiro Ishii
Yuji Nagata
Zack Sabre Jr.

Block B
Juice Robinson
Kazuchika Okada
Kenny Omega
Michael Elgin
Minoru Suzuki
Satoshi Kojima
Tama Tonga
Toru Yano

For those that don’t know what the G1 Climax is: A tournament where each of the above blocks has matches in a round-robin style like a league. Wins give you points. The winner of each block then have a match in the final against each other. The Winner of the G1 is the top contender for the main belt and usually the opponent in the main event of WrestleKingdom, similar to how the Royal Rumble winner becomes the challenger at WrestleMania.

This year the tournament runs from July 17 to August 13.


To all my New England brethren, this card is stacked as fuck!


That is a sweet card, but I don’t think I can go after doing the ROH Best In the World and Evolve 86 double header last weekend. I hope you have fun, though!


Yesterday I watched a wrestling show with four matchups.

The first bout featured a man who calls himself a machine and happens to be enchanted by a magical gauntlet that is pushing him to be extra violent… up against an overweight, out of shape Sicilian mob enforcer.

The second feature a man in a chequered gimp suit who uses mind control tricks to confuse his opponent… up against a leering creep who was once a fan but is now stalking the ring announcer. Also has sister issues.

The third bout was a midget fighting a dinosaur.

The fourth bout was the sister of the previous creep fighting the boyfriend of the ring announcer.


Oh man, you were at Best In the World? I wish I had known - I was there too! (Balcony Section E)


Yeah, I was on the Parquet level, almost facing the entrance ramp. I have to say the highlight for me was seeing Ultimo Guerrero live, even though he didn’t get to come out to We Will Rock You.


Oh cool - I hadn’t followed RoH since around the time that Jay Lethal won the title, so I was out of the loop, but I couldn’t pass up a PPV that was just 6 miles from where I live.

The whole show was a lot of fun. We showed up late, and I’m sad I missed the dark match, since I’d been following Flip Gordon at the Chaotic Wrestling shows for the past year or so.

As soon as I saw Marty Scurll and his plague doctor mask, I decided he is a new favorite of mine. He could be like a Negaverse Jack Gallagher.

I always go to the local Chaotic shows when they come to Woburn or Nashua, so let me know if you end up going to those!


The beautiful thing about wrestling is that I “knew” who was going to win going into these because they where the obvious choice, but there where two moments with the Brian Cage match and the match with Mascarita where I thouhg “Holy shit they might go through with this and have the other guy win!” mid match, only for me to come to my senses once the match was over.


It’s really not about knowing who will win in advance, which in this case was super obvious as you know what the matchups in tbenext round should be. It’s more to do with my continuing point that if a wrestling show has midgets fighting dinosaurs and the headline match is bewteen a masked man and a masked woman and the mixed gender match is viewed as a normal matchup and either could win… why would I ever watch a wrestling show that’s just normal people wrestling?


Just finished watching the second day of NJPW’s G1 SPECIAL in USA. Last weekend in Long Beach NJPW put on its first ever shows in the United States in the form of several title bouts over the two days as well as an 8-man tournament to crown a new champion holding the newly minted IWGP United States Championship. The tournament alone had Tomohiro Ishii, Kenny Omega, Zack Sabre Jr., Juice Robinson, Michael Elgin, Hangman Page, Jay Lethal and Tetsuya Naito, and even beyond that the card was pretty stacked. Both Tag-Team belts on the line (Night 1 had War Machine vs. Guerilla’s of Destiny for the Heavyweight tag belts, Night 2 had Roppongi Vice challenging the Young Bucks for the Junior Heavyweight tag championship), and a very good IWGP Heavyweight Title Match between Kazuchika Okada and Cody (Rhodes). Like every Okada match this is quite good and Cody did more than expected. Unfortunately the disappointment of the event was the IWGP Intercontinental Championship bout between Tanahashi and a severly overexposed Billy Gunn.

Match of the events was definitely the final for the U.S. championship which closed day 2. That rope bite. That table spot. That MATCH!


Austin Aries has been released from WWE, which is all sorts of surprising. Apparently this was initiated by Aries who was unhappy being pidgeonholed into the Cruiserweight division (which has been severely mishandled by the WWE).

In addition to that there was a title change at a houseshow which is also quite weird.


Mayne KO got injured? Still, it’s quite surprising.



Last weekend was WWE Great Balls of Fire (yes, really, that’s the name of the PPV) and it was actually really, really good. There were some odd finishes but the last two matches felt really big, particularly with the Attitude era post-match sequence to the Ambulance match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. The Tag-Team Iron Man Match was also really good. Followed by the Raw this week was also pretty good, particularly since it brought in some fresh wind with The Revival back in action and attacking the Hardy Boyz, and finally the feud between Dean Ambrose and The Miz being mixed up. The only thing I don’t like is Roman Reigns being re-inserted into the title scene which makes no sense on any level. The women’s division seriously does need some work but I hope the Mae Young classic will add something to it (and I am very much looking forward to that).

Then I watched yesterday’s Smackdown and boy, it is kind of impressive how big the United States championship feels right now. Just John Cena coming out to answer the open challenge was great and that Rusev and Kevin Owens then took that match away is some killer heat generation. I am even excited for the Punjabi Prison match. I’ve never seen one and I hear the previous ones were all awful on the account of having a terrible wrestler in it: The Big Khali. However, unlike most of the smarks I actually quite like Jinder, maybe because I kind of agree with his statements, but he is a good heel in my opinion even if there is something wrong with how basically the position of Randy Orton the “face” in this case could be interpreted as saying “racism doesn’t exist”.


Despite the random Roman insert, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED the spot with Angle, Lesnar and Roman. You can tell that it was mostly unscripted by the fact that they could not contain some of their reactions to their retorts, it was just awesome riffing between the characters. I missed that in WWE.

GBoF was a lot of fun, the ambulance match was one of the best matches produced by wwe in a while, but I’m sad it wasn’t a true heel turn for Roman, despite the results.

Also, Fuck the Revival.