Practical Cryptography

I recently learned about a really cool program called magic wormhole.

It lets you securely send files from one computer to another, aka the XKCD problem.

This is all you do. Sender runs wormhole send <filename> in a terminal. It gives you a code like 7-crossover-clockwork.

The receiver runs wormhole receive and enters the code. That’s it.

Here’s a Pycon talk from the author about it:

You know what’s cool and easy that almost nobody knows about or uses?

You don’t even need Firefox to use it.

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Lol I use both of these regularly.

I was also real ready to see a thread about bitcoin and get all snarky. I’m almost sad I don’t get to now.

Didn’t know signal got $50 million from the whatsapp guy:

Also: use Signal.