Penny Arcade

Very good one today:

It’s me, only I have the Zelda 1 map memorized the most, among others. I only remembered the location of just one secret in the first level of Quake 1 when I played it this week.

I recently discovered that I can still find all of the bonus levels in Donkey Kong Country and all of the secret exits in Super Mario World.

Recent events remind me of another great one. All the best Penny Arcades are about graves.

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Dio vs. Whale, never forget.

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I would be more interested in this game if it was that.

Just go all-in and license more properties. I wanna play FDR and fight against the Brave Little Toaster on the Starship Enterprise.

Call it Who Fought Roger Rabbit.

This is just “The Ultimate Showdown” but interactive.

To be clear, that would fucking rule.

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Dibs on Voltron/GoLion.

I get Kenshiro, Lina Inverse, John Wick, and Galactus

Get a load of this guy, passing on DeathBlack BeastMen.

I’d take Rusty.

Brock Samson would be good.

Or The Evil Earth itself.

I really like the fake movie poster in the background of this one.

Penny Arcade has a joking hazard feature?