Penny Arcade Expo West 2023

We’re going back to Seattle for the first time since '19. And we are in for a big one.

Let’s gooooo!

Get your body ready.

I will be slowly archiving the website for my project, with the job hunt I feel that I have been in a really big no fun zone and can not wait to bust out of it.

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I thought of your panel when this video came up.

I’m not at PAX West this year. I watched Mike & Jerry’s Friday Q&A session on Twitch. When it ended I was checking out what else was streaming on the other PAX Twitch channels. There was a “PAX West 101” panel and they put up this final slide as they opened up for Q&A:

The very first person to the mic broke this first guideline as completely as is possible to do. “Um, I don’t have a question…”

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