PAX West 2019

So it’s a little early for this thread, I know but…

This coming year I’d like to visit a PAX convention, and make it a part of my trip to out west to visit my parents. (Fly out to Seattle, take the bus to Portland, fly back.)

Basically, what I’m looking for is hotel crash space for the Con. I’d rather split a room with someone else rather than stuff myself in a room with 4+ people.

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It’s a little early to start planning, don’t you think?


And I thought I was on the ball, starting to plan for the next PAX before the current one is even finished.

Is that the PAXlantis thing? I know where I’m retiring.

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No? Badges are on sale soon.

After the holiday according to their previous messages.

Badges may be on sale as early as Tuesday. Every day after Tuesday is increasing alert level.

Look at the image I posted, nerd.

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Before I made the dupe thread I did search for an existing one. I guess I just failed because I was doing it on my phone.

I plan to be alive at at PAX in 2109


Oooooh. I didn’t see it until just now. That explains why my search didn’t turn up anything.

We want to start planning for that one early, roboGabe and roboTycho’s lasers do not take kindly to stragglers.

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Just as the title states. Singles Day 57$ Four Day 222$

Weekend pass saves $6.

Hotels were largely gone (or didn’t cover Monday) within a minute of the link going live.

Badges are on sale and if you are only finding out from this post, you’re probably too late.

Come on old man, haven’t year heard, going to PAX other than 10-6 on Saturday is old news. Those other badges will be available for quite a while!

Ahh, yes. Saturday, the most central day, is unavailable to most of the people who want to fly to Seattle for the entire weekend.

So people who just come Saturday will roll in and PAX for a day, while countless others who would have flown out for all four days skip PAX entirely. :wink:

hmmmm Maybe I should travel to Seattle for a visit and spend a day or so at PAX west. hmmm.

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This is part of why I just gave up on PAX, besides the expense and the crush of people making it just not fun.