PAX Unplugged 2020

From the discord

TL;DR: PA Convention Center events (like PAX Unplugged) are considered private events, and exempt from the decision made yesterday. While this means PAX Unplugged could still happen, it’s still very possible it could not happen. We’ll keep info up-to-date here as we get more.

Honestly, even if the technically allows it, who really is going?

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I would not go to PAX Unplugged 2020. I would also be shocked if it was an option but… no. :mask:

PAX Unplugged is my favourite PAX, and being as I am now a straight up professional RPG designer selling books there is hugely important to me business-wise, and I have a dear friend in the city to crash with who I very much miss, but absolutely no combination of fun, money, and friend would be sufficient to have me enter the United States to go to a convention hall right now.