PAX South 2017

PAX South is January 27-29, 2017.

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Well, it appears one of my panels is approved for south, time to start booking a flight and figuring out if I can share a room. If anyone needs someone to join them let me know.

Hey @coldguy, are you still looking to share a room? I have a double and no roommates as of yet. I’ll message you the details.

PAX South 2017 may have the most tabletop content out of any PAX ever. I’m running some numbers now that I have the full show maps in hand.

Edit: Scratch that. South 2017 will come close, but sadly, not beat the high-water mark (East 2016). But to its credit, South '17 will have fully double the Tabletop content of South '16. This is largely due to industry catching on to PAX aka I have been beating down their doors, and South’s hall doesn’t sell out, whereas East has a wait list.

True Dungeon at PAX South. I think I kept a minimal loadout of tokens when I gave the rest away, but I can’t say I’m excited about it. It’s pricey and I forget what the party size is up to now, 10?

I imagine they’ve got to tailor the experience knowing that it’s a completely fresh audience. It’s something on my “gotta try it once” list but I was never planning on heading to a Gen Con. So I will try to get in there.

What is True Dungeon?

It’s kind of an hour-long D&D larp with puzzle solving and shuffleboard “combat” in a rather nicely decorated dungeon space. There’s a persistence aspect in the form of equipment tokens which can quickly descend into madness.

Le’ts play Ghost Judge instead. I just got the digital edition and am about to read it.

It’s basically an escape room

Sadly, plans have changed and I will not be going to Tejas this year.

But for those who are going and are still considering going to the Royal Rumble at the Alamodome on Sunday night, they just confirmed that the Undertaker will be there, and participating in the Royal Rumble match. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will also be in the Rumble match itself. So whether your rasslin’ nostalgia is from the early 90s, the late 90s, or early 2000s, they have you covered.

TIL the Undertaker is still alive.

Good lord, that man has been in a dangerous profession longer than I have consumed oxygen.

I may bring:

Captain SONAR
El Grande
Freemarket book/character sheet
Lost Cities

I idly wondered about the Undertaker twice in the span of two years, wound up googling and reading his Wikipedia page both times. Now Google News thinks I need updates anytime The Undertaker makes headlines.

Hmm, this is getting rather close, need to think about what games, if any, we will be bringing. Would prefer to bring stuff that no one else is already bringing, but we don’t really have much that no one else has. I will wait and see what others plan to bring.

This will be my first PAX, and my first large convention. I’ve been to Anime Central a couple times and Anime Boston, but this is clearly a different category.

Any suggestions on dos and don’ts?

Also, are there usually any GeekNights “meetups” or do people just find each other in the game room? Granted, I’m going/staying with an old friend so any plans are subject to change based on what he wants to do.

Oh man. You need to do what we did at PAX 08.

  1. Go to the Keynote at the start of Friday (“storytime”
  2. Stay for the Gabe & Tycho Q&A
  3. Pick a handful of panels you want to see and line up for them: only a few
  4. Do the whole expo hall once: never return
  5. Go to both nights’ concerts

When idle: tabletop.

Also, make sure to go to every single part of PAX one time each. PAX has a lot of areas, and you want to experience all of them, even if just for a few minutes.

I’ll see how I feel after this weekend, but something like

Power Grid the Card Game
First Class
Mamma Mia
1846 (well, Matt Morgan bravely expressed interest)

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