PAX East 2020

Oof ouchie back in the deep of the cold season.

Leap Day PAX!

Oh shiiiii. If only years had more than one extra day, and all of them were PAX.

For the [E] make sure you do the thing.

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Saturday is sold out.


Four day badges are not.

This confirms a lot of things I’ve been assuming about the nature of PAX attendance for a long time now.

Is your theory that locals only see this as a one day event as all that they do is hang out at expo?

They have announced a partnership with a company called Lyte. They’re basically an authorized scalper designed to destroy all the other scalpers.

You sell them your badges. They verify authenticity and then resell them at a markup. They automatically undercut the prices of other scalpers, though, so there’s no reason for buyers to shop elsewhere.

However, if the badges don’t actually sell out, Lyte is useless. Buyers can buy cheaper tickets from the source. Sellers are just stuck having to sell on their own at or below MSRP because Lyte isn’t going to be able to sell them.

Do th[E] thing.