This totally happens sometimes at high level play and it’s funny because if you’re a caster you know it’s gonna happen at around minute 1. You know that both players aren’t gonna do anything but build for the next like 12 minutes. You can just see the casters groan as now they have to fill dead air time. Start talking about their day and such.

(also your point is valid and such I just wanted to go on this tangent)


I played with some pro shot callers and am trying hard to emulate their style. It’s very sparse, and they seem to split the role between information callouts vs directional ones.

The good games I’ve been in now, everyone is doing simple informational calls.

  • Reaper behind
  • Bastion ahead, top left
  • Torb left of wall
  • Genji flanking somewhere
  • Monkey ulting
  • Got a pick

1-2 people are giving simple directional calls

  • Push it
  • Fall back
  • Don’t save it
  • Wait for ults

1 person is giving the big calls (and no one else)

  • Group up top left, we’ll rush through D.Va ult from the right. Start in 10… 9…

I’ve seen this pattern more and more, and it’s CRAZY FUN if you have a team doing it.


Someone called him FISTO in a game I was in a while ago, and we legit lost the point because we were laughing so hard.


On the topic of casters, I am really disappointed in Blizzard’s decision not to renew Reinforce’s contract. The fact that your analysts and casters are plat at best shows when they focus on entirely the wrong things, and fail to recognize important and yet less flashy play from the non-dps roles.

Also Jake was an amazing caster.


That guy plays a meh Fisto.



Does this work for you? It’s what happens in DotA when you try to do something and you cant. Like attack your own stuff or attack while stunned or use abilities while silenced


It’s far from the worst I’ve seen. Not perfect, but I’ll allow it.


Sleep dart, earth shatter, and charge are all way more than a second.


Earth Shatter is about two seconds, and charge is usually instant death and only lasts more than a second or two if you happen to be in a spot with a lot of empty space behind you. Sleep dart you have a point. In any case the time is quite short and I don’t understand why people get worked up about them.





8/2 this season. Shouldn’t have played those two games and I knew it, but it happens. 2633. Still low plat I guess, not enough games to climb.