Over the Garden Wall

25 rock facts.
Seventeen. Memories are stored in the knees, and that’s why it gets harder to sit down when you’re older.


And that’s a rock fact!


Just realized the parallel between this and Link’s Awakening.

It’s October, you know you want to watch it!

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Every year. Every single year.

What a triumph of a show.

This thread has resurfaced on a night with a half moon.

At night
When the lake is a mirror
And the moon rides the waves to the shore…

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Got myself a new desktop background.


I originally saw a few scattered episodes on actual TV long ago. I think I was home from college, probably around a Thanksgiving or something. I saw the episode with the scary old lady and the girl that live together. I also saw what I believed to be the first episode.

Recently I watched the entire thing, and I thought something was wrong. Did it accidentally skip over episode 1? Nope. What I thought was episode 1 was actually the penultimate episode. The show does one of those things with the flashback to how it all started right near the end. The old Trigun episode 17 situation.

It was made in 2014?

WTF. When was I home and watching TV?

I am so happy to see this background every time I see my desktop.

Suddenly… on Earth?

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