Oppenheimer (IMAX)

Just took off work for July 21st to catch a day showing of Oppenheimer at my local 70mm film projector (Shout out to KOP Regal 16) and cannot wait to see it.

If you’re trying to see it on physical film, IMAX.COM has an article they posted last week listing all of the locations with confirmed 70MM print showings.


Goddamnit! No screenings in the PNW. Gotta settle for the commoner version.

Oppenheimer is being released back into theaters (including 70mm IMAX) as part of its awards push.

They did a limited re-release in NYC, LA, Melbourne, and London previously, but this seems to be wider as my local IMAX 70mm in King of Prussia outside of Philadelphia has 70mm showtimes.

I cannot stress enough how singular the experience in 70mm was, if you can get to a theater and get seats for a showtime do so! I know I’m going to see if I can squeeze in a showing if possible.

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