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No good thread for this, so I started one.

Looks like VLC is going to release 4.0 and re-do its user interface. Kind of a big deal.

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If you like open source news I recommend following this channel



This part sounds great.

“ in a historic decision, the court imposed upon Lenovo punitive damages amounting to 20,000 euros for abuse of the appeal procedures. Lenovo forced its customer to take part in a disproportionate and unnecessary legal process.”

I’ve only heard about damages for wasting time in anti-slap suits here, and only because some states have specific laws.

This is in Italy, which explains the difference.


Not boo-urns. Actual boooo.

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Hey, man’s gotta put foot skin on the table somehow.


Drama on the freenode.

It’d be interesting to see a graph of traffic on the network over the years.