Now that Donald Trump has Won


Seems like people are debating this with the “Vacancies Reform Act of 1998”.

"There has been some commentary suggesting that because Whitaker was in a job (chief of staff) that did not require Senate confirmation, he could not become the “acting officer” in a position (AG) that calls for Senate confirmation. Not so. The Vacancies Act enables the president to name an acting officer, who may serve as such for 210 days, as long as the person named has been working at the agency or department for at least 90 days in a fairly high-ranking position. Whitaker qualifies.”


So I guess I was right?

This is one of those rare situations where I wish that wasn’t the case.


I have no idea who is actually right. I would think the constitution supersedes every single thing except for an amendment to the constitution. But friend computer says I don’t have clearance for this.


Although reading up on the guy who wrote that opinion piece, Andrew McCarthy, the guy is a Republican hack, so his opinion is clearly biased.


I mean regardless, even if it was unconstitutional, the only way to hold him accountable is for Congress to do it, and we know that goes.

What a fucking travesty this whole fucking country has become.



Sad 15/characters

Edited to add:

Mueller could potentially refuse an order from Whitaker, saying that he wasn’t unconstitutionally appointed. At that point, it might go to the courts? Not that that would be much better if it worked its way up to the Supreme Court.



This is the best explanation I’ve found about the legality of Whitaker’s appointment:




This is a rather novel and clever strategy on Maryland’s part concerning the new Acting AG:

" Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration had stopped defending key parts of the Affordable Care Act in court on the grounds that the law became unconstitutional when Congress repealed the tax penalty for individuals’ failure to buy health insurance.

Maryland filed suit against Sessions challenging that position…

The state seeks a preliminary injunction that prevents the federal government from responding to the suit while Whitaker appears as acting attorney general. Instead, Maryland requests a declaration that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is the acting attorney general."


This is just sad. The White House had to enact a policy just to get Trump to do his job.


This sounds like something a kindergarten teacher makes up.


Honestly, I’d rather he spend his time tweeting and watching TV than working. He might do less damage that way.


Debatable, the tweets gin up the idiots who voted for him and the rest of the Geriatric Old Pricks.




I teach kindergarten, this is below even them.


Uniting for a common cause…

NBC and other outlets have joined in as well. It’s The Post all over again.

On the flipside, though, there’s this shit…


It’s finally happened.