Now that Donald Trump has Won


This is due primarily to the fact that mostly Democrats are up for re-election. In 2020, the balance is significantly different. It’s really just bad modulus-math luck that the Senate elections are the way they are in 2018.


Which is nice, but by 2020 more than likely Judge Rapist will likely have been on the court for two years.


As I’ve said repeatedly, SCOTUS issues are one of my serious checkpoints on the road to leaving the US. If he gets confirmed and we don’t take the house, I’m likely out of here.


:wave: possibly anyway.


We’d need 2/3 of the Senate to actually convict in an impeachment hearing, assuming the GOP stay the course and remain traitors to the country.

I just don’t see us taking 2/3 of the Senate literally ever, but I suppose it’s worth fighting for.

Court packing, though, we could do that with a simple majority.


We’re being walked down the slippery slope and people still don’t care enough to organize a general strike or even to get out and vote. It’s widespread apathy that’s going to kill democracy in America. Pretty sure we’re done here. Now seeking recommendations for better countries that are feasible to emmigrate to if anyone has ideas.


Part of the issue, other than general apathy, is that not enough people have been impacted in any way to make their lives worse yet. A lot of the problems are still in the “hypothetical” stage, as in, “Yes, Kavanaugh on the court would overturn or greatly restrict Roe v. Wade, but it hasn’t happened yet, so whatever.” Or, “well, yeah, they’re doing horrible things to people coming over the border and without proper immigration papers, but hey, I’m a native born citizen, what do I care?”

Human beings, by and large, are selfish creatures, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise. They’ll mostly only take action when they themselves feel threatened, not when someone else is threatened.

Also, keep in mind that a not-insignificant number of women are pro-life, so they might be overlooking Kavanaugh’s crap thinking that abortion is a bigger evil anyway. That’s part of the mindset we’re dealing with here. In fact, a lot of Trump’s base don’t care about whatever horrible crap he, his cronies, and his allies have done, because they consider it okay so long as the “greater good” in their minds is accomplished, whatever that may be. Of course, they’re hypocrites, but how can you argue with active hypocrisy? You can’t reason with these people.


I have another element I wanna throw into the pot and it’ll likely be devisive around here. There’s definitely apathy and there’s definitely selfishness but one thing I’m also seeing that I think is a root cause of our issues is hate. Hate for the other side.

Before I say any more, let me say what I’m not saying. I’m not saying dems should compromise. I’m not saying the hate is not justified, and I’m not saying that I have any solutions.

The people today just… hate each other. I’ve seen footage from some of these rallies and protests these past two years and, well these countrypeople hate each others guts. They don’t want the politicians of their own sides to do anything but obstruct/oppress the other side (obvious exceptions for social issues on the left). All this hate.


I hate nazis. I’ll admit to that.

I hate all fascists really.


Hating Nazis is fine. In fact, I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find many current GOP members in Congress who at least won’t claim to hate the stereotypical, goose-stepping, sig-heiling, swastika-wearing Nazis (note that I said in Congress, and that I said “many,” not all, and I said “claim.” Who knows what they actually are thinking).

On the left, you’ll probably also find hate for the extreme left, Stalin/Mao-type gulag and summary execution for speaking out against The Party types too. That is fine as well.

The problem is that the hate doesn’t seem to only exist for the despicable extremes. It exists for those closer to the middle, those that have honest differences of policy opinion but other than that may, in fact, honestly think they mean well even if they are wrong. We used to hear stories about how senators used to be good friends with people across the aisle, even if they vehemently disagreed with them on policy. Nowadays, it seems like all that camaraderie and respect is gone. Even if it maybe still exists as an undercurrent among career politicians, none dare show it because their electorate base doesn’t care about respecting the opposition and just wants to take them down in one way or another, everything else be damned.


Is that the extreme left or a separate authoritarian axis? :wink:

I’m leaning pretty Communist these days.


I won’t support anyone who compromises on basic human rights issues. I won’t even debate them. They are beneath my contempt and beyond rational interaction.


Honestly, and I know I’ve said this before - it’s because the Civil War never ended.

We hit a point in this country where our ideologies were so fundamentally opposed that we literally murdered each other over it.

And we never reconciled the fundamental disagreement - those same people who believed it was OK to subjugate people kept believing that because we allowed it to exist.

I’m not necessarily saying we should’ve subjugated the South (well OK maybe I am saying that a bit), but I am saying that our approach allowed the divide to persist, and when you spend decades in a toxic relationship, you will only grow to hate each other.


Tankies. You hang out on twitter long enough and you learn some “new” vocab words from the previous century. Much like “Nazi” (used to be), it’s a conversation ender.


Well, the way I see the curve, as you head to the extreme right or left, you also creep up the authoritarian axis. :wink:

Me personally, I’m more in the Nordic-style social democracy camp.

Oh, same here. I suppose you can perhaps disagree on the implementation of those issues (i.e. what are the best ways to protect human rights), but the actual issues themselves are non-negotiable.


I’m leaning Communist in the "state control of key industries, state-regulated default competitors in private industries, and nationalized education.

No private prisons. No large scale private farms. Private pharmaceuticals can exist, but have to compete with nationalized pharmaceuticals. Private hospitals and schools are heavily regulated, and have guaranteed nationalized competitors in all geographies.

Luxury housing in key dense urban areas (e.g., Manhattan)? Nationalized. Profits feed back into the city coffers. Anything that remains private is heavily regulated.

Both a minimum wage and a maximum wage. A maximum net worth.


Soooo Japan? There is a reason some have joked that Japan is the only truly successful communist country. Also why if shit goes south I’m heading there to teach English. Not glamorous and the pay isn’t great but there will be a roof over my head and food in my stomach and if I get sick I won’t go bankrupt.


So I dunno what’s going on, but Twitter’s reporting that Lindsey Graham Cracker looks “Unhappy”, McYurddle the Turtle looks “stunned”, and Grassley and Flake are nowhere to be found, for a vote that was supposed to happen half an hour ago.


The story I’ve got from CBS and MSNBC is:

-Flake and Democrats in some backroom deal that delayed the vote
-GOP super salty about that
-Flake comes back in and says “We should wait up to a week for an FBI investigation to happen.”
-Flake votes with the rest of the GOP to move to the floor vote.

The net is that Flake is apparently posturing, saying he will vote “no” on the floor unless there’s a hearing. McConnell is not interested in delaying.

So now we see if Flake is in fact McCain 2.0, or if he actually has spine.


Flake has no back, will flake. He want’s to look like the republican who’s anti trump but is in fact mostly bluffing.