Now that Donald Trump has Won


That’s been a thing for about a year now. Saw it a lot more last year when alt-right icons like Cernovitch and Fairbanks and Wintrich were adopting it as an in-joke.


It was never on my radar for whatever reason until now. It’s classic 4chan and friends though. They tried/are trying the same false flag things attempting to tie pedophilia into the LGBT/Pride movement.








Jesus fucking christ…

“Given the instability many witnessed, there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, which would start a complex process for removing the president. But no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis. So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.”

While I’m glad that this anonymous official is writing an op-ed (although it seems extremely counterproductive), what he/she (and all the others) should really be doing is testifying before Congress.


I had to look up who Baltar was I only watched the first season of BSG. But I get the reference!


I find this person who wrote this Opinion piece is, in short, a shit lord.

They specifically claim they think some of the agenda pursued by the administration are good. Good!

Deregulation and such. They think it’s good!

They have all but tacitly admitted that they know Donald Trump is incapable of performing his duties but they keep him there to further a Republican agenda.

They are complicit.


I’d bet a signed dollar (RIMSHOT!) that this is fake just like the twitter user claiming to be a staffer from the early days of the presidency.


I honestly doubt the NYT would publish something if they didn’t have their own confirmation it was real. The embarrassment of being caught in that would completely destroy them.


The NYT has already written that they know who the writer is and are choosing to keep him or her anonymous.


The sheer fucking brazen audacity the author displays staggers me.

The GOP is rotten to the core. Arrogant traitors who have convinced themselves of their rightness and superiority.

This is fucking astounding. They put an empty suit in office, and then stage an internal soft coup to keep the suit from fucking things too much.

The literal deep state, comprised of the GOP, is openly bragging about subverting electoral power.




Jesus fucking christ, that NYT op-ed is pure insanity. They are basically admitting to a coup, to undermining the administration, because they know that the administration is corrupt and insane but want to save themselves the embarrassment of admitting that and taking official steps to remedy it by removing the president. And for what reason? For some fucking tax cuts. Because they agree with “some” of Trump’s policies. The question is of course which? Do they agree with jailing children because their parents dared to try and save them from war zones or is that a price those officials are “willing to pay” for their tax cuts? Is there even a fucking difference? No, there is not. Complicit fucking rat bastards all of them.


Yeah, there is zero percent chance that a paper like the NYT would go to print with something like that if they didn’t absolutely know and have proof of who it was. “Anonymous source” means that they’re not telling you the name, it almost never means they don’t know the name.


This also creates a really interesting dynamic at the NYT where their News Department is now trying to discover the identity of the Op-Ed writer while the head of their Opinion Department already knows who he/she is.


Are you sure they would be doing this? It sounds like this may go against various journalistic ethics.

Anyway, the “soft coup” going on in the White House in some ways may be a case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” though it depends on the individuals involved. The NYT Op-Ed author seems like a total douche and, yeah, I really don’t think I can defend him at all, especially given how much he likes a lot of Trump’s agenda outside of the completely wack-a-doodle stuff. However, someone like Mattis doing what he can to prevent WWIII may be a different case, if only because if he did what we think would be the “right” thing, i.e. resign and testify publicly about all the shit going down, it runs the severe risk that a yes man would be his replacement and allow Trump to do all the horrible shit before the Con-man-in-chief can be somehow removed from office.


The News and Opinion departments at the NYT are completely separate and bifurcated. They have no bearing on each other. Now, there could be some internal directive that the news department shouldn’t try to investigate who the author is, but discovering who wrote the editorial would definitely qualify as “news,” so the NYT would normally want to try discover and reveal that first.