Now that Donald Trump has Won


Apparently, they’re also going after babies delivered by the gynecologist Dr. Jorge Treviño, so it’s not just midwives.

I’ve already been carrying my passport around for at least a year now as my legal name as it appears on my license, etc., happens to also be a Spanish name. The idea being that if I was caught up in some anti-immigrant sweep I’d at least have proof of citizenship handy. Now I’m concerned that’s not even enough as some jerkass cop/ICE agent/etc. could just claim that I got my passport via a fraudulent birth certificate.


You’re making me nervous.


I’m already nervous.


Okay, even the libertarian CATO institute is calling bullshit on ICE now as they are locking up US citizens:


In related news, it’s time to sever with Bank of America if you haven’t already.


For what it’s worth I meant for my own safety as an immigrant.

I’ve not heard any nonsense about harassing naturalized Canucks but things seem to be getting worse, not better.


Hey, I understand. I’m a son of immigrants with a Spanish-sounding name, so I’m probably in a similar boat as yours.


Trump just killed pay increases for federal employees in 2019. Sounds like a good way to piss of 2 million people with nothing to do on Election Day but vote 68 days before a pivotal midterm election.


Ugh I quit banking with them but I’m still paying off a a credit card… >_<


That’s Trump’s management style: He has to win all the time and for him to win everyone else has to lose. Which is a pretty shitty character trait to have in a President.


Find a new card that lets you transfer your balance and ditch it then, I guess…



I’m not familiar with Nichols but it’s interesting that him as a republican his post wasn’t quickly flooded with attacks and insults. The comments are surprisingly civil. Whereas someone considered a liberal had posted that would be dumped on by hateful righteous conservatives almost immediately.


Nichols is a pretty smart guy overall (professor at Boston University and the Naval War College, author of The Death of Expertise), and tends to be very respectful in his posts (though sometimes snarky), even with liberals who he disagrees with so long as everyone remains polite and civil.

The thing is, I think a lot of his followers tend to be liberals or moderates and not the hard-core troglodyte conservatives because he’s a respectful and thoughtful center-right conservative (he was born and raised in Massachusetts and lives in Rhode Island – most of the Republicans up here tend to be quite moderate) as opposed to alt-right wackos and their ilk. The far right doesn’t have time for intellectualism and expertise, whereas he thinks society needs to seek advice from experts in relevant fields in order to function properly.

The fact that he’s not even voting for Republicans on the local level did come as a surprise to me though. A lot of local Republicans in New England, as mentioned previously, tend to be on the moderate side and are often quite progressive on many social issues. The GOP governor of Massachusetts even told the MA National Guard not to deploy to support Trump’s border patrol. The fact that he’s lumping even the local ones, whose only thing in common with Trump may be the “R” that appears after their name in the news, says a lot of what he thinks of the current state of the GOP.


More from Tom Nichols:


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse laying into the Supreme Court and the “Robert’s Five”

"When does a pattern prove bias?..When [the Robert’s Court’s] Republican majority goes off on partisan excursions through the civil law. That is when all five Republican appointees…go raiding off together and no democratic appointee joins them. Does this happen often? The Roberts 5 has gone on almost 80 of these partisan excursions since Roberts became chief…and there’s a feature to these 80 cases: they almost all implicate interests important to the big funders and influencers of the Republican Party. When the republican justices go off on these 5 justice partisan excursions, there’s a big Republican corporate or partisan interest involved 92% of the time…Is there a pattern to these 73 cases? ,…Every time a big republican corporate or partisan interest is involved the big republican interest wins. Every. Time…

Thus the mad scramble of big Republican interest groups to protect a Roberts 5 that will give them wins. I note that when the Roberts 5 saddles up, these so-called conservatives are anything but judicially conservative. They readily overturn precedent, toss out statutes passed by wide bi-partisan margins, and decide on broad constitutional issues that they need not reach. Modesty, originalism, stare decisis, all these supposedly conservative judicial principals all have the hoof prints of the Robert’s 5 all across their backs wherever those principals got in the way of those wins for the big Republican interests.

The litany of Roberts 5 decisions explains why big republican interests want Judge Kavanaugh on the court so badly. So badly that Republicans trampled so much Senate precedent to push him through."

–Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse



Nothing new. He’s proclaimed how much he admired various dictators’ ability to shutdown protests on numerous occasions.


Everything is stupid now. 4chan somehow successfully made the OK hand signal into an actual white supremacy sign.


Occupy Democrats ran with that as well.

Someone posted that on a friend’s FB page and I couldn’t believe it.