Now that Donald Trump has Won


If we’re talking loooong term, I find it really embarrassing that humans as a species haven’t even established a single polity on our planet yet. Separate governing aparati and behavioral codes and needless waste of resources? No wonder we can’t even handle the environmental effects of our own industrial age. We keep squabbling over a handful of scarce low-tech energy sources when we’ve got a honking big ball of fusion power only 8 light minutes away!



I don’t want to abolish ICE.

I want to melt ICE.

(via Flamethrower or hot skillet or natural effect of runaway green house effect or wildcat destabilization of the ships fusion reactor core, take your pick)


In an ideal world, I’d be all for “no borders,” but I don’t think it’s an ideal world for tons of reasons.

If we are to have borders, ideally, their only purposes should be to screen travelers for smuggling contraband (and I’m not just talking about the drug wars here – it could be archaeological artifacts, elephant ivory, exotic animals, human trafficking, and so on), screening products such as agricultural items for issues such as carrying invasive species, and to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of legitimate criminals who are attempting to escape justice and/or facilitate crimes by border jumping, such as the aforementioned smugglers.

Even less ideally, if some sort of limit on overall immigration is necessary for economic viability (which again, I’ll defer to experts on economics to make that determination as well as what the actual limit should be), then non-discriminatory limits with fair and humane treatment for those who violate laws concerning maintaining those limits would also be acceptable at borders.





According to Cohen’s Lawyer, he didn’t leak that info.



When you are striking someone, you mentally have to strike through them to avoid pulling up short at impact. The same is true for movements. It is believed that MLK would not have been as effective if Malcom X or the Black Panther Party hadn’t been perceived as more extreme.

We need one facet of the party continually pushing what defines the leftmost of the overton window.



I hope Sessions is confronted in a restaurant, and then beaten by a mob. Then set on fire.


Until proven otherwise, I consider this the equivalent of the SS, and I intend to treat them as nothing more than fascist interlopers. Anyone who signs up is a Nazi.




It looks like the Ministry of Truth is operating at full force.



Right, because the kid died in the hospital later, so that means it’s the hospital’s fault.

This is exactly the same as when I shoot someone and they die in the ER later, so I didn’t actually kill them.

Abolish ICE.


We can start calling them death camps now.


It may not look like it by the title, but this belongs here. This is likely red meat to lions but I’m going to deeply internalize the lesson of this video. It puts words to a thing I’ve had a hard or even impossible time articulating recently.