Now that Donald Trump has Won


Go back to paper votes.



Manafort found guilty.


In other news…

The big takeaway is that Cohen plead guilty to making an unlawful corporate campaign contribution and making an excessive campaign contribution. That means that Trump is basically a conspirator on those charges as well if he knew about Cohen paying off Stormy Daniels, the attempt to buy the National Inquirer story, whatever.

Not a good day to be Trump.

Edited to add:

I honestly don’t know who is gonna have a worse night, “David Dennison” or Rudy Giuliani.


The money quote:

“Cohen said in a plea deal that “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office” he kept information that would have been harmful to the candidate and the campaign from becoming public.”


Purge the heretics.


I don’t always love my senators. And in general I like Murphy more than Blumenthal however today I’m proud to have this guy:


"David Pecker, the CEO of American Media Inc., has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors in a deal that led to him describing President Donald Trump’s role in hush agreements with women ahead of the 2016 election, according to The Wall Street Journal and Vanity "

Since Big Orange is all about the tabloids, this will both hurt personally as well likely be non-trivial legal leverage for various investigations.


This is pretty big news actually. Pecker could confirm what Cohen has already said and plead to, strengthening any potential case against Trump. That’s important because prosecutors couldn’t convict John Edwards a couple years ago when he was charged with pretty much the same thing. Obviously, the more corroboration there is that Trump tried to pay off women for political purposes, the stronger the campaign violation charges against him will be.




The hits keep coming and don’t stop coming…

Edit: Ha! MSNBC_chiron_Pecker_leaking



This was never really about trying to defund Planned Parenthood, no one thought the bill would succeed.

This was about getting Democratic Senators, in Red states and states Trump won, on the record voting the bill down in the hopes it will be used against them in the midterm elections.


Now he’s trying to silence Google.



This is pure evil… and I’m even starting to worry about my own status, despite already having a passport…


This is one of the items on my list of factors that will cause me to leave the country. It’s one more check toward giving up on the US…


The violation of due process is insane. If the government suspects you of having a fraudulent birth certificate, it should be up to them to establish the proof that it’s fraudulent. Not the way it’s being done here where you need to jump through impossible hoops if the government suspects yours of being fraudulent. Guilty unless proven innocent (and the criminals in this case would be the persons who filed the fraudulent certificates, not the poor babies, now adults, who got them).


Not that’s any consolation. But it seems that people being targeted are those born along the Texas border specifically those delivered by midwives. I was born in El Paso TX and not delivered by a midwife but it’s still worrying and all around fucked up.