Now that Donald Trump has Won


It’s easier for immigrants like me to go back to my birth-town than it is for an American try to get citizenship elsewhere. My steps are: light US passport on fire, call memere and tell her I’m coming to live with her for a while, take the train home, begin US citizenship renouncement proceedings by mail, cease paying taxes.


Yes, most conservatives are single issue voters, but those issues tend to be things like guns, gays, and god. Not Medicare for all.




My steps aren’t all that dissimilar. The only addition I’d need to make is to stop by the local consulate to finish some paperwork before burning my US passport. Oh, and I’d need to book a plane ticket instead of taking the train.



“Families should not be forcibly separated!”

“Who would ever disagree with that??!!!”

“I know right!!”

“We should kick the mexicans out as families!!”



“Families should not be forcibly separated!”

“Who would ever disagree with that??!!!”

“I know right!!”

“Great, let me tell you how we can do that by abolishing ICE :)”

See I can come up with magical imaginary conversations too


And where in that survey does it say that people want to abolish ICE? That survey says that it’s just not popular. Maybe that’s because ICE has been in the news lately forcibly separating families? Maybe if Democrats ran against that, it would be hugely popular?

The IRS isn’t very popular either, but if you ask people whether we should pay taxes, I’m sure more people will still say yes, even if they don’t have a favorable view of the IRS.

Abolishing ICE is about as extreme a position you can take. Just people the agency isn’t popular doesn’t mean that most people want to see it cease to exist.


That’s fine not all Democrats should be messaging the same way,

Lets take an example, in PA in the suburbs there are moderate republicans like Rep. Fitzpatrick, there are also crazy tea party republicans in the rural areas. They have very different messages. (Fitzpatrick even voted against killing Obamacare both times) Does the Tea party hurt Fitzpatrick with their crazy message? Maybe a little, does Fitzpatricks, moderation hurt the tea party wing nuts in their districts, not at all. Yet they are all in the same party and don’t seem to have trouble having some wildly different campaign styles, positions and messaging. The message fits the district, leadership will tend to moderate the message a bit while the activists try to intensify it.

Example Fitzpatrick lives in a D+1 district it should be a walk for D’s in this enviornment, he’s still doing well. considering.


Whoa boy…if you think this is extreme…


Your hypothetical doesn’t work because as soon as you start explaining to people why ICE should be abolished, you’ve lost them. Especially when you have a Republican candidate saying that Abolish ICE = Open borders.

Find me anyone other than Trump and Jeff Sessions that is in favor of the forcible separation of families.


It’s extreme based on that survey. Disapproval of an agency does not equal wishing that agency to cease to exist.


Anyone who would have been lost without listening to why abolishing ICE, the correct position, would fix the family separation policy wouldn’t support any of the items that would come under the veneer of renaming it to a palatable saccharine “reform ice” policy anyways.


“Buh buh abolishing ICE means OPEN BORDERS AND CRIME!!!”


The Weather Underground was extreme - this is the downright reasonable leftist position. Get rid of the thing that nobody likes and get everyone on Medicare. We’re angry, but we’re not unreasonable.


These are imaginary people or racists who wouldn’t support any demonstrable reform anyways.


Yea I mean it’s funny when people say we are more polarized today, do they realize how many politically bombings and assassinations occurred in the US in the 60’s and 70;'s.


It’s because this country has moved so far right people really don’t know what far left positions actually look like.


How do you know that? Where are your polls stating that the only people who feel that way are racists or imaginary? You underestimate the stupidity of the average voter and/or how easily they can be persuaded by simple, right-wing talking points.



Know the 20 80 rule? Where like 10% of people are on this forum, and another 10% are on /pol/ and the other 80% just wanna be normal. If you make ABOLISH ICE normal, then 90% will support it.

Culture is plastic, and it can be changed. The right knows this and has been using it for years. We can play too. We can win.


Also more importantly, if the candidate is running around saying Abolish ICE, they probably live in a district or state where they don’t need that voter anyhow.