Now that Donald Trump has Won


I’m all about replacing ICE by bringing back the old INS and having it execute more humane policies. The ICE “brand” has been tarnished too much to simply reform it.


Don’t discount the power of a moral victory. Even if “abolishing ICE” doesn’t achieve that much structurally, the value to the left of such a rapid policy response to their anger would be an energizing force for Democrats in the mid-terms.


Or proof that everything will be fine and what we’re doing is working so no need to actually get up and vote ala 2016


Unfortunately, it’s also been an energizing force for the Republicans in the mid-terms.


Yeah… this is the thing that I’m constantly reminded of IRL. Things like the “Liberal Tears” factor.


So Trump has taken to explicitly using a white supremacist talking point of “immigration is changing european culture”. That is of course predicated on the idea that cultural exchange is a bad thing, and that it wouldn’t be inevitable anyway based on gigantic shifts in technology which allow for fast travel and even faster communication (i.e. not that long ago communication was entirely dependent on travel time, with the fastest “communication device” being a dude on a horse).

However, what pisses me off the most about this is the fact that this idiot is entirely blind to the fact that america and the tidal wave of media exports it has released in the past 150 years or so has done far more to “diminish” foreign cultures than any other form. I mean where I live children used to be told that their christmas presents would be brought by the Christkind (literally: Christ child), and it’s shifting ever more to the Weihnachtsmann (Santa Clause) complete with Coca-Cola commercial colors, and every October super markets are filled with Halloween candy, a holiday that isn’t fucking celebrated here! Hell, every damn restaurant here now has a damn Hamburger on the menu.

Of course, to Trump it doesn’t matter, because all of this is simply a shitty racist theory and he equates american culture with white culture.


What is it with conservatives and their insistence on “liberal tears,” or “pissing off the libs” or what have you? (This is mostly a rhetorical question.) It seems like their #1 priority is just making liberals upset for some reason, whereas most liberals don’t give a rat’s ass about how conservatives feel unless it’s directly stepping on the bounds of an issue they feel strongly about. They certainly don’t harp about wanting to upset conservatives at least.


I know you specifically didn’t ask, but it’s because when you show them that they are wrong about something they interpret that as a personal attack. It’s just an emotional fight to them, so you showing anger, sadness, etc. is the same as them winning. It’s like being stuck at some earlier stage of development, they’re ruled by fear and how things effect themselves.


Conservatives want to feel power of being right, which really means feeling superior. And because their superiority comes largely through conflict and “us vs them” it’s down to the old Conan “what is best?” mentality.


That explains a lot…

Every so often, when I’m bored, I’ll enter a debate with some random conservative wacko I come across on Twitter or something and refute everything he (it’s usually a male) says with facts and so on, all while staying calm, cool, and collected. And he usually has a total fit and doesn’t seem to know how to react about it. He’s obvious trying to get me to shed “liberal tears” and I don’t. I just keep calmly offering rebuttals to everything he says. It really drives them batty!


Nothing seems to get them more upset than saying that you liked The Last Jedi. It really is an incredible thing to witness.




Hey, remember the Jill Stein recount fund?

Turns out that she’s using it to pay for her legal defense against the Mueller investigation.

Bonus - Turns out that her trip to the RT dinner in Moscow where she famously sat and chatted with Flynn and Putin? She paid for with Campaign donations, which is questionable at best, flat out illegal at worst.


Oh. No. Please, do not continue. I cannot take such shocks to my system. It is very much a surprise to me that Jill Stien is a simpering idiot. I must go and recover from this shock, which has shaken my belief to it’s core.



Is there a way we can convince the governments of Europe to keep him out?

EDIT: Also…



Considering Greenwald’s constant and ardent defense of Assange, the world’s smelliest rapist, Intercept might not be the best place to go for information about him. And considering the intercept’s history of publishing straight up conspiracy theories, poor reporting, burning sources, hiring known rapists, hiring known anti-semites, and other assorted awfulness, I’d also suggest they’re just not a good place to go for information, full stop.


I’m laughing at this but only to hide internal screaming