Now that Donald Trump has Won


So now we’re screwed. The Dems in office are too spineless to hold up confirmation hearings like the GOP did and the elections are too far away. Does anyone have experience trying to get into JET or other English conversation schools in Japan or Korea?


Well, given how they’re in the minority and the filibuster rule has been eliminated for SCOTUS nominations, what can they do short of fist fighting on the Senate floor?

Granted, there is some precedent for that:


JET and EPIK are probably the least bad of the lowest tier of English teaching. They at least do some kind of vetting, as opposed to taking any warm body with a BA/BS any any field. If you have actual questions, send me a PM.


Honestly if things get bad enough I’ll go to the any warm body folks if I have to because being a beleaguered ESL tutor living on a pittance in a safe and stable country will beat whatever the fuck might be coming.


If that’s an avenue you want to pursue, government-sponsored programs like JET or EPIK are the better route, and you need to start preparing soon if you want to go for the next school year. They at least pay you a half-decent wage and you have a fair amount of rights. Eikaiwa and hagwan will take anybody because they treat the people who work there as replaceable goods. Once you’re all used up, they toss you aside in favor of the next chipper, young human tape player.



Obama receives disproportionate criticism, opposition, and backlash, because racism. I also identify with him on a personal level, as someone who is also third culture, and could see third culture mentality in his choices. But, my original point was that there are liberals who reflect on his presidency without nuance – either in critique or approval. Both of those perspectives are flawed and perpetuate the endemic issues of which TrumpCo is a symptom.


Scott Pruitt has finally resigned. Fuck that corrupt sack of shit. Hopefully he gets indicted at some point, but considering who is in power the hope is kind of slim. Unfortunately his replacement will likely be as corrupt as him.


I had commentary on this, but their being together speaks far more than I could.


There’s a slight chance the DoJ might prosecute if they think they can put Pruitt away. Session or Trump could always kill the investigation, but it may not be on their Radar.


Here is a really interesting article about how Donald Trumps Binet for Russia and Putin has roots that go back to the mid 80’s, and how everything becomes a lot more easy to understand if you look at all the evidence through that lens.

I’ve assumed a lot of this was the case already, but I didn’t realize just how much evidence for the obvious worst-case story there was, rather than all the special pleading fitting to the more innocent paradigm.

Worth the read!


The Russians are known for playing the long game and being very patient in their espionage and psyops, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if this were true even in part.


Well that’s the thing. It obviously is true in the majority of it. It’s not a conspiracy theory, where facts have to be twisted or ignored to fit into the theory. It’s the opposite of that. Facts have to be twisted to NOT fit into the theory.


What saddens me the most is that the entire Republican party has decided that rather than lose power as their base disappears at the hands of father time or adapt to a modern world, they will literally accept the intervention of a foreign power.


To the surprise of no one, there might have been some quid pro quo funny business going on between Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and the White House:

"We need to proceed carefully, because we’re getting more reports by the hour, most of them based on anonymous administration sources describing what went on behind the scenes. Early this morning, NBC reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell posted on Twitter that “Kennedy and Trump/WH had been in negotiations for months over Kennedy’s replacement.” Then she walked the story back a bit…

To be clear, I’m not saying anything this questionable happened in Kennedy’s case. It may turn out that communications between Kennedy and the White House only happened after he decided to retire (which would be questionable, but not as bad as it might have been). Perhaps when Kavanaugh was added to Trump’s list of potential justices last November, it was a signal to Kennedy that he could move on, but that there was no direct understanding between them.

Still, if any communication did happen, previous norms of judicial independence are being undermined. But that’s what happens when Donald Trump is president. Everyone and everything, in one way or another, gets corrupted eventually."


As 538 basically said. If the court starts to disagree with enough Americans, it’s likely that the court itself will start to mean less. People at large will place less weight on what they have to say. The court is more respected now than it has been in the past and maybe that’s about to change.

One wonders how Justice Roberts feels about this, I mean it’d be happening on his watch.


I agree generally.

About Roberts specifically though, as much as he (and everyone else) claims that the legitimacy of the Court is important to him, he didn’t really speak out when the Republicans refused to hold hearings on Merrick Garland OR when Trump nominated Neil Goresuch. If the legitimacy of the Court really means something to him, I would have expected him to do something… anything.


Fair. Maybe the only reason I think it’d change now is because this is the first time I’ve thought of it and not because anything of substance would cause it.