Now that Donald Trump has Won


A relatively concise write up by Schneier on the state and requirements of voting machines from a security perspective.



Looks like Trump is opening himself up to more hacking.



Holy f***.



Mueller’s questions for Trump have been posted.

This should be an interesting interview.


He will not understand any of those questions.


That’s okay, Meuller wouldn’t be asking if he didn’t already know the answers.



Except of course they are building up another company with basically the same players (Mercer funded, Nix lead, etc.) and now Eric “Blackwater” Prince is also involved.

My only hope is that people will learn from this, not trust Facebook horseshit and those that don’t actually go to vote. It’s a slim hope, but a hope.


I keep seeing the propagandists and loyalists yell about how no one in the media is talking about the three Americans that North Korea is apparently releasing soon. They’re saying no one is granting Trump the credit or win he deserves for it. But here’s the thing:

They haven’t been released yet.
If they are, Trump hasn’t done anything about it. It was likely either Pompeo or Maddis, or possibly South Korean negotiators.
Even if it was one of them, the departments they’re involved with have been gutted by Trump, so he can’t even take credit for that.
Even if all of this was true: Mother fucker has still done so many horrible things since running that the pile of horse shit dwarfs that one accomplishment.


Apparently Guiliani lost his mind, went on Hannity, and basically directly admitted that

  1. Trump paid Cohen the $130,000 of hush money for Stormy Daniels;
    and more importanty
  2. Trump fired Comey because Comey would not publicly state that Trump was not a target in the Russia investigation, basically stating as fact that Trump’s goal in firing Comey was obstruction of justice.


Is everyone sure he’s a real lawyer… Has anyone double checked he passed a bar?


Prime the masses so they don’t think it’s a big deal down the line.


By the sound of it, no, I suspect he stopped in on the way to the interview.


He was a former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gone senile and become a dotard like his current employer, however.


Sweet, Giulliani keeps talking. Today on Fox & Friends.

“Imagine if that came out of October 15, 2016, in the middle of the last debate with Hillary Clinton…” he said. “Cohen made it go away. He did his job.”


He’s basically admitting that it was for the benefit of the campaign, rather than to benefit Trump personally.

Hello campaign finance and FEC violations!