Now that Donald Trump has Won


Oh Lordy, there are tapes.


They have at least one conversation between Cohen and “The White House” (as it was termed).

Oh, and Giuliani compared the FBI to “Nazi Stormtroppers” at least twice, because that is of course something you fucking do nowadays if you are under investigation by the FBI.


NBC just corrected the wiretap story, claiming that it was only a “pen register,” AKA a request for phone call logs, but no listening in on the conversations.


Dammit, I stupidly allowed a fleeting moment of hope.


Spoiler alert for the new John Mulaney special


I feel like McCain was the best person the Republican party has ran. Ever.


I watched that yesterday, and the Trump/Horse Loose in Hospital bit is the best Trump material I’ve seen on any standup special since the election.


Are you familiar with his voting history, that he was one of the Keating Five, etc.?


I hope you’re limiting yourself to post-Southern Strategy Republicans, otherwise you have some history to brush up on.


Here are the ads that Russia bought on Facebook to sway the election.



I highly recommend reading the Tweets in that article.

EDIT: Here’s the whole Twitter thread. It’s beautiful.