Now that Donald Trump has Won




Can we get an overwatch group going while we watch the state of the union, like we did with the election? I feel like the speech will be fun with banter but sad and boring otherwise.


That Overwatch match was the most depressing thing to ever happen to me. Probably ruined the game for me in the long run :-p


Nothing of value will be said at the state of the union. Spend that hour doing something cool. I’ll likely be building my lichtenberg figure maker.


I don’t think, even at the height of my “gotta watch all politics”, I ever gave a shit about the SotU.


It’s literally my job to pay attention to politics and even I’m not really bothering to watch the State of the union live, I’ll just watch it at double speed later.



The Nunes memo has been released. Read it here.

EDIT: A response from Comey.



Yeah so this is fascism and it’s good that he can’t make this like, policy or anything.



I honestly don’t see what makes this different from the immense amount of stupid shit he’s already said.


Because he’s the president, and he’s suggesting that members of the government not applauding him is treason, AKA an offense for which you can easily be put in jail and never let out.



Having only read the blurb: “I’ll take things that’ll never happen for 200, Alex”


The headline looks kinda scary at first, but read the entire article. It mentions some interesting ways in which the left can use a softer form of nationalist rhetoric to win back control from the right. Note that this form is more, “Care about everyone, but look out for us first” as opposed to the right’s more, “We’re number one, fuck everyone else.”




It is both amazing and horrifying how directly you can tie GOP, and more specifically Trump policies to the school shooting on Wednesday. Not only through their deliberate inaction toward gun safety and posturing of “thoughts & prayers” instead of any useful action, including Trump’s reversal of an Obama era initiative to make it harder for mentally disturbed to purchase guns, but also Trumps win empowering far-right elements. The shooter is a far-right radical who trained with a militia group who wants Florida to become a white ethno-state. Under Trump the FBI was instructed to shift its counter-terrorism focus away from far-right extremism and toward islamic and “black identity” extremism. They are literally cultivating a boogey-man and let neo-nazis run amuck.


Not to counter anything else you said, which is all correct, but I believe that the militia that claimed he trained with them was lying, and has a history of lying about this kinda shit to get attention.


I’d trust what they say as far as I could throw my car.