Now that Donald Trump has Won


Just got home, turn on my computer and find that Mueller has indicted 13 russians and 3 russian entities. Holy crap.


Holy shit.


Words words words.

Also, they’re not going to actually deny them to the people who really shouldn’t have them (everybody).


Trump was also for a path for dreamers, until he wasn’t.



Enterprise Inc., which runs three big car rental services, has also cancelled all discount programs and special financing offered to NRA members.


Something is indeed different this time.


I think it’s because the kids themselves have had enough. GOP can’t wheel out their traditional list of platitudes, when you have the kids saying “We watched our friends get shot, do something.”


There was actually a Washington Post article about this very topic:

“There are two critical reasons the right is having this reaction, one more obvious than the other. The plainer reason is that as people who were personally touched by gun violence and as young people — old enough to be informed and articulate but still children — the students make extremely sympathetic advocates, garnering attention and a respectful hearing for their views. The less obvious reason is that because of that status, the students take away the most critical tool conservatives use to win political arguments: the personal vilification of those who disagree with them.”



Someone is salty. It’s a good thing salt is tasty.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, the [NRA] accused companies of "a shameful display of political and civic cowardice."



Looks like they need
( •_•)>⌐■-■
a new Hope.

… I’ll see myself out.


Nothing anyone didn’t already know. But it’s like, one thing to know but not have proof and another when, it’s right there in black and white.


In their continued efforts to disrupt our nation, Russia has been throwing cash at noted American domestic terrorist organization, the NRA.


This is why I’m done with the “Pro-2nd Amendment” arguments. The militia they’d form would only be to preserve their gun ownership. They’d literally sell out their country to preserve that status quo. So to hell with them and the horse they rode in on.


Finally, the first chink in the 2nd Amendment has been made.



Augh! Not another Bush!

If this guy runs for office in the next decade, can we not have a third Bush for President? Pretty please?