Now that Donald Trump has Won


The only consolation I get is that they’ll rot in that small town of theirs. But I wish it were possible to convince, no teach them otherwise. The classes they would have to take would have to be classes not offered by most high schools in impoverished areas: media literary and basic philosophy. As for their racism, well honestly they’re probably too entrenched to change.


Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch has reportedly offered to buy CNN from AT&T, which is currently in the process of merging with CNN’s parent company, Time Warner. A new report claimed that Trump Justice Department officials demanded AT&T sell off CNN as a condition for approval of its merger.

Coincidence, I think not


There’s literally a coordinated effort to destroy the freedom of the press.

But the Freeze Peachers won’t ever say a peep about it. They’re too busy telling me that punching Nazis is antithetical to American values.




Everything I’m reading about the Republican tax plan sounds like pure, undiluted insanity to me. Corrupt and horrifying to the core, benefiting exclusively the richest of the richest and fucking everyone else with a cactus in the ass. How can anybody even bear this on their conscience?


What conscience? They have consciences? Could have fooled me.


I’d imagine it’s a lot easier once you accept that poor/brown people aren’t human.


Well, if you’re making under $400k/year or so, you’re “poor” according to the GOP. That’s right, according to them, $400k is “middle class.”


The modern GOP was never about anything but its culture war with progress and modernization.


They love modernization when it allows them to create a new servant class by destroying wages.


We now have official records of Assange solicitating leaks from Donald Trump Jr. in order to publish them via Wikileaks, with the stated reason of, and this is a direct quote, “improve the perception of [Wikileaks] impartiality” because it would appear to be not a pro-Trump, pro-Russia source.

Jesus fucking christ.


I never thought I would agree with Trump on anything, but…here we are.


Once he says that about all churches and religions, I’d consider it to be agreement. Until then, it just seems like petty bullying of a specific target, not a clear policy position.


Scientology is a cult. Cults should be clearly defined in law and treated very, very differently than religions.


Cults should be illegal, but all religions should lose tax exempt status.


I agree on both counts, I was just pointing out that lumping cults with religions in general ignores an important distinction.


Not in terms of tax policy :slight_smile:


So, I don’t really have strong opinions one way or the other on the tax churches thing. But I do remember from a while back, there was definitely a line of thinking among atheists that non tax exempt churches would also mean that churches could outright dictate how to vote and that that would be bad, and so removing their tax exempt status would not accomplish our goal (whatever that was).

Is there any truth to that and if so, should that inform our opinions as to whether or not churches should be tax exempt?


I’d say it depends. So long as the religion in question follows all the proper rules related to non-profits, they should have the same tax benefits as other non-profits, including tax exempt status. However, I agree that religions shouldn’t get any extra benefits that aren’t afforded to other, secular non-profits.

Well, I’m not a tax attorney or accountant, but I believe for any non-profit to have tax exempt status, it needs to be apolitical. I remember a while back when donating money to the ACLU, they said that I couldn’t claim it as a tax deduction because it was a political organization, despite also being a non-profit.