Now that Donald Trump has Won


For me it seems like first amendment issue. As far as I can tell, churches get a lot of benefits for nothing more than being churches, despite other non-profits having to jump through hoops.

I have no problems with churches being politicised in terms of saying who should vote for what, as the reality is they are super political already.


A cult is a tiny religion, so :man_shrugging:.


If you are only considering the Meriam-Webster definition, yes. From a sociological and criminology standpoint, you are incorrect.


There’s got to be a better term for those.


For cults?  


I mean, Amway et al are closer to cults than businesses…


In theory, maybe, but that’s never really enforced.



I mean, it’s really just…It’s not even subtle, but conservatives actually don’t care so none of that matters I guess.




On the one hand, I have no problem with someone who does ghost hunting as a hobby. Yes, I could argue on how skeptical the hunting is (i.e. someone who tries to find non-paranormal reasons for spooky things going on instead of insisting it has to be paranormal), but I’m sure all of us at some point probably went to visit some sort of spooky place just to see what the big deal is. I also admit that I used to find ghost hunting TV shows to be something of a guilty pleasure to watch, despite no actual belief in the paranormal.

The more important matter is that he’s never tried a case and the fact that the ABA found him not qualified.


To add another disqualification to Brett Talley, apparently he forgot to disclose that his wife works for the Trump Administration.

Failing to disclose something on a Senate questionnaire seems to be a reoccurring theme in this administration.


Also basically a requirement to be hired in it. So I’d say the odds are in his favor.


Not a ban, but it’s something.





Trump’s FCC is irradicating media consolidation regulations in order to help Sinclaire, a conservative media outlet, to expand even further.




Flynn is pleading guilty to making false statements to the FBI. Same charge as Papadopolous. Probably means that Flynn is cooperating with the investigation and giving them information. Only people higher than him on the food chain are Pence and Trump. There is also Sessions who is on the same level as Flynn but a plea deal seems unlikely for that.