Now that Donald Trump has Won

I hear that. A few friends and I already picked races and classes, were gonna either find out our glasses are rose colored or were gonna have a great time.

Just watched the trump citizenship question on the census thing. Sounds like they’re dropping the question, but he’s attempting to intimidate non citizens to not fill it out with all his comments and his “executive order”.

Congressional Democrats sued Trump for the same reasons and that case is still ongoing:

“A similar case, filed by congressional Democrats, is now before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and legal experts say the question could well wind up before the Supreme Court.”

EDIT: Trump making anti-Semitic statement caught in court document.

Good to know Trump’s EPA can be bribed.

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This thread from someone who worked on the Democratic campaign running against David Duke (KKK leader, explicitly racist dude) in the 90’s. The lesson he learned by running against the guy twice is probably about as good of a comparison on the wrong and right way to run against a racist as the Democrats have.

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Ugh Tim Wise.
f i f t e e n

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When accused of a crime, a truly innocent man will behave in a particular way. Trump does not act like an innocent man at all.

Watching Mueller testify right now, I was not aware that in a courtroom you can just refuse to answer every question

What are you referring to? This isn’t a court? He’s under oath, but agreed to only answer questions about five bullet points.

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See above about it not being a courtroom but also look up any prior congressional hearings to see what dodging question really looks like.

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After the Mueller hearing Delaware’s one representative is supporting impeachment articles.

Trump is showing up at the Jamestown Settlement museum next Tuesday and I’m taking off work to protest. My wife works for the museum and us telling me volunteers and employees suddenly have dental appointments in droves, and a few even straight up saying they aren’t coming in because they don’t want to be held responsible for any action they may be tempted to take.