Non-anime Animation News

I like Futurama, but seriously. Just let things end please.

They had the right idea with the direct to video movies, which is what Adventure Time is doing on HBO Max. Just keep going with that. Just a little movie once in awhile. Going for full-on seasons has such a low chance of being good.

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I didn’t think the Comedy Central revival was all that bad, honestly.
No John DiMaggio, though… Oof.

Nice! Megamind is a great Dreamworks movie and I’m glad it’s coming back!

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The Boys Presents: Diabolical
Since I was at home with a wicked hangover yesterday, I ended up binging the first 5 episodes of this show. I wasn’t expecting an anthology series as a follow-up to The Boys, but it was a pleasant surprise. Obviously some episodes are better than others, but since they’re all under 10 minutes long, the weaker installments are over quickly. Like the main show, the animated sequel is all the way in with the gratuitous gore and violence played for humor. The animation styles vary significantly from episode to episode with some using instantly recognizable backgrounds and character designs from other popular animated shows.

Bonus: The closing song for episode 5 is really fucking good. I had to look up the artist right away after watching the credits. Soooooooo good.

FROG QUEST II by Necry Talkie