Neon Genesis Evangelion

Back in 2007, we reviewed Neon Genesis Evangelion on GeekNights.

Here’s just the review. None of the rest of the episode!

Even better, don’t forget the original forum thread:

The original episode:

Also on youtube.

Best part of that thread is Rubin saying "there is a 0.000001% chance of a Trigun movie haha.


I don’t remember if I ever even watched the Trigun movie…

It’s not good.


I don’t recall it being bad, I just recall it being there.

I would actually be interested to hear what you guys think of this show in 2019. Parts of it haven’t aged super well. Mainly Kaji and the weird sexualization of 14 year olds.

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Every show has issues, but it’s still a masterpiece.

Oh yeah I still love it. It’s great. I just remember liking Kaji a lot when I watched as a 12 year old boy and now I look at Kaji as a manipulative misogynist.

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I viewed him negatively when I watched it the first time and would argue that it may be even more fitting with the modern fandom-gate movements.

I’m gonna upload our original “final thoughts” episode next" :wink:

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The “final thoughts” episode from 2008!

See I was waiting for the final thoughts video cuz I was thinking “yeah it would be good to kindof, refresh on what went down and get some overview from these guys” because I havn’t seen the show since something like 2005.

And then y’all go and call me out about having not seen it since being a teenager and I’m like, “seriously? I do not have time or a way to make it a priority to watch this whole fucking series right now, but I’ve been called out!” And this video was recorded about that far back so I havn’t seen the show since before that was recorded.

So. thanks I guess. I guess I’ll just put it on my list.

The Final Thoughts show on youtube :wink:

I compare Eva to Enders Game. In Enders Game only the smartest and skilled kids were recruited for defeating Formics.

Eva, only the most abused/ traumatised kids were recruited to defeat Angels.

But why though.

Youth has the power to bring about change.

If it cannot break its egg’s shell, a chick will die without being born. We are the chick. The world is our egg. If we don’t crack the world’s shell, we will die without being born. Smash the world’s shell!



More than you wanted to know about the Eva fonts.

Also linked is this tumblr of anime UIs:

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