Movie Trailers


Holy shit! This actually doesn’t look bad!


Looks bad. I mean literally, the CGI looks not good.

Fleabag Jones though! That might be good.

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All these historical franchises that haven’t had a good movie in decades have to earn my interest. Just existing isn’t enough. I’ll wait until there are reviews of the movie saying it is a great movie before thinking about it further.

Mission Impossible keeps me excited for new movies. Indiana Jones falls well short, as do Star Wars, Terminator, Aliens and Predators, etc.


Just a note you should watch “Prey” if you haven’t a prequal to Predator.


Exactly. I didn’t have any expectations for Prey, and didn’t watch any trailers. When it came out, reviews were way better than for previous Predator movies, so it earned a watch!

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I’m cautiously on board…

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Renfield looks like fun.


Ok that looks amazing!

This was in AnimeHell and if I hadn’t seen it prior to that I would have assumed it was a fake trailer. looks fun.

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The final cinematic appearance of Ray Liotta too