Mountain Biking

Does anyone else in the forum mountain bike? Or am I literally the only one? I’m talking technical single track or serious downhill: not trail riding (which I also enjoy).

I’ve done it only a few times a year for the last several years, but when I was young it was one of my main hobbies. I’ve come to the conclusion that my childhood skills carried over, and I seem to be really good at it.

Full disclosure: I’m in Utah right now, having spent the day throwing myself down mountains with only minor injury.

I’ve played at it a little, and I do own a big, heavy downhill bike. But I haven’t done anything as serious as any actual structured downhill practice, and I’ve not done it for some time. There’s some decent tracks around, but for most of them you have to travel a fair way, longer than it’s practical to bike for most of them - to get to the nearest(legal) one to me, you’re looking at a 20km ride.

As a kid I used to do competitive hill climbing on Mount Carleton and as a teenager I used to to a bunch of trail riding in the at camp in the Poconos.

As an adult I just use my old mountain bike on the street when I go to the park.

So short answer, no but I have done more mountain biking than the average bear.

I’ve only done easy trail riding. I tried the more challenging stuff a few times but couldn’t hang. My cousin is the serious mountain biker. As I recall when a track is technical the terrain is more difficult to ride on? Lots of rocky paths, going uphill, dodging under tree branches, crossing creeks and what not? Yeah, I don’t care for that.

Have you all heard of cyclocross? It’s pretty interesting. It’s a track set up usually in park areas but with obstacles that force you to get off your bike and carry your bike over said obstacles. The bikes are different too. Like a cross between a mountain bike and road bike. My cousin got into that last year. It’s pretty fun.

Do not go mountain biking with @SkeleRym, they are cursed.

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I just got a mountain bike 2 months ago after hearing Rym in the podcast. Loving it and hitting every single track I can find.