Mossad secures critical information from Iranian vaults


Sir! Sir! FriedMarmot here from Totally Legit News. What do you believe are the ramifications of Iran having shit taste?

A rise in sales in the black market of hug pillows and action figures of big tiddy anime girls. Those are the ramifications.

We believe that Iran is not upholding it’s end of the JCPOA. By stockpiling anime and other weeb technology, they are violating the agreement of deanimeization. This is a major threat to the region.

Follow up: What about Iran’s claims that the anime stockpiles are for peaceful purposes?

While it’s true that some anime is good and will not incite any major wars, the collection and storage facilities are the main concern. Given this discovery, it only affirms our belief that Iran is not interested in low-grade, non-weapon anime, but rather were pursuing a stockpile of dangerous materials.

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