Monday - The Smartphone Upgrade Cycle

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss the vicious smartphone upgrade cycle. Try to use your phone for more than a year or two at least. In the news, Apple has to halt new Apple Watch sales, Adobe gives up on buying Figma, and Scott had fun on the Star Wars ride at Disneyland.

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Scott, do this:

Walking in and out the same door made me think of Alec Technology talking about a different Disney ride:

The Star Wars one is much less obviously an elevator. The Haunted Mansion feels, sounds, and looks like an elevator. Also, the doors open on the other side.

I was on both of those rides day before yesterday(Not caught up on the ep just yet, so I can’t say how much we missed each other by), and I get exactly what you mean. Though in fairness, I think the nature of the Nightmare before Christmas modifications they make to Haunted mansion do make the elevator-ness of it a bit more apparent, whereas the last time I was on, it was a lot less elevator-y.

The Star wars rides, though, those were extremely cool. A lot of some of the best ride technology that disney’s infinite money glitch can create - like, Rise has you being puffed with little warm air blasts when blaster fire is close by.

Also, a side-note about the park - the transitions between areas were ridiculously good. Even when we knew where the transitions were, exactly, they would still somehow happen about ten paces before we’d realize we’d crossed the threshold. It’s just absolutely magic how it happens, even when you know what’s going on.

We also discussed the transitions multiple times when we were at the park. They are off the hook. You have absolutely no line of sight to anything that isn’t in the land you are in. You can’t hear any sounds coming from lands you aren’t in. You go into a tunnel, or under a bridge, and you come out in a completely different universe.

My iPhone 3G from 2009ish. My kids have used this as a “toy phone” for 10 years. Still in good shape.

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