Millennials are killing (blank)

A general dumping ground of stories about their muderous rampage


A collage of headlines about millennials killing things:

This is one of those situations where Scott’s right, all these things fail and should fail.


We got marmalade. White supremacy, we see you.


As a so-called “Xennial” (someone who is late Gen-X but on the cusp of being a Millennial), I also agree that most (if not all) of the stuff that Millennials are killing should probably fail too. I’m in the situation where yeah, I do Gen-X-y things because it’s what I’m used to, but when I hear about a Millennial thing, I’m usually like, “Hey, you know, that actually is a pretty good idea now that I think about it.”


The Millennial Hit Squad is maybe my favorite meme of this year. Also a good band name.

So wait the first post is about Millennials saving the newspaper?

I’d guess online news, as opposed to TV.

Maybe we wouldn’t hate video so much if you’d stop putting videos that

  • autoplay
  • with sound on
  • docked to the top of the fucking screen like some 1996 frame layout garbage

on your website.


Yep. I don’t subscribe to a print newspaper, but I do to an online one (or at least the online edition of a print newspaper). But I’m not really a Millennial either.

What are old people killing?

The world, generally.


Yeah I was gonna say people, then I thought progress, then I was like… more?

But of course millennials are the problem.

Even sex and lunch?

Migrate your consciousness to a new robot chassis today.

I love the combination of “Why Aren’t Millenials Having Sex?” and “‘Promiscuous’ Millenials are Killing McDonalds”

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Can I have crazy brain sex in a VR construct like GitS?

Incel MRA McDonald’s :scream:

Ancient San Fraciscan items once forged to battle the tyranny of Venture Capitalist.

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Sure but why?

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