Redmond in the news lately.

They (via github) bought NPM. I wouldn’t care, except that websites I use depend on it.

New release of Windows Terminal:

If you haven’t seen the trailer (not joking) yet, it’s very exciting (not joking):

I have been using the new terminal for a while now. It’s as good as the trailer would have you believe.

Funny that after how many years of DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS, now they figure out:

  • Just add SSH
  • Terminal that’s not a joke
  • WSL

We’re definitely in Embrace. Are we at Extend yet?

And now a package manager. winget install <whatever>

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RIP Microsoft store

Fuck Microsoft cause we’re enough.

Windows 11 is looking to be a relatively minor, but welcome, update. Free upgrade, so I’ll take it.

I thought 10 was The Last Window.

It basically is. They’re calling it 11, but it doesn’t appear to actually be representative of a significant architectural change underneath the hood the way you had with things like Vista.

How many layers of old Windows UI can you find in the latest release of Windows 10?

You’ve probably seen that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps natively. That’s probably not something I will use ever, but it did make me think. First of all, great for Android developers. Second, this is actually a huge benefit for people who have an iPhone and a Windows PC. With that combo, there’s no app you can’t run.

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I believe it’s only on Intel processors, which sucks for some, but I’ve pretty much always run Intel anyway, so…

I found this tool recently and going to recommend it to others who like to harden their OS.

I look forward to reading all the “Netflix is the Netflix of gaming” articles


Finally, new surfaces today.

Welp, fuck Windows 11.


It’s Windows, just even more MacOS-y. The rounded windows take a bit to get used to, I guess.

Notification badges on the taskbar buttons are nice tho.

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