"Metal" is the best thread title here


The HU have released their full album.


Some 80’s Japanese heavy metal found thanks to the FENRIZ METAL playlist on Spotify:


Definitely agree with the idea that there’s some Mercyful Fate influence here.

There’s only one Devin Townsend.


He’s so Devin Townsend that if there were two Devin Townsends, he’d be both.


Very metallic day! Thank You Scientist, and thank you r/progmetal.

Bonus Rym sighting at 8:21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxrz6RPSww0&t=501

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A very compelling Chinese Black Metal compilation:

It’s NYOP so, you know, give 'em $6.66 or something if you like it. I know I did.

WEEDIAN sounds like a band created by ADMIN.

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I found this guy’s channel and I love his how-to-[extreme genre] series.

The guy is hilarious and Norwegian and just seems like an actually decent dude; and still, due to the subject matter, his videos are extremely NSFW (within the confines of what is allowed on YouTube, which, is barely) They’re still freaking hilarious and informative however.

Also the songs he actually makes are legit awesome, like the one at the end of this:


This one might be more or less safe for most people:


Another show in NYC during a PAX when I won’t be in town. This is seriously the 4th or 5th time this has happened. Most because people keep doing shows in NYC on Labor day. This time it’s on leap day!

Boston on 3/1 concert at PAX

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Do not want to run to a concert post-PAX



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I would be more Thankful for Scientist if their songs weren’t all 8 fucking minutes long.

Anyway, here’s totally normal Devin Townsend leading a… metal gospel choir? The weird stuff starts at 1:08.

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New Ghost! It’s called, uh, Seven Inches of Satanic Panic.


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Man, I have not been able to get into Ghost. Can someone recommend the good shit to me? Or is it really all just King Diamond redux?

Their latest album Prequelle is a bit heavier than their previous stuff, but if songs like Rats and Danse Macabre don’t do it for you then I think you’re not gonna like them

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