Media Analysis and Criticism

A channel I enjoy watching for media critique is Folding Ideas, which is entertaining and informative and the guy seems to not be a shitbag (which is increasingly something worth pointing out among even creators unfortunately.)

Anyway, just watched this one and figure it’s timely enough to throw down here. But if you’ve not yet heard of this guy (I feel like a lot of people would have) there’s a ton of other great videos that I highly recommend going back through.


I guess this isn’t new since this video has 2.6 Million views, but I found it compelling after finding it today and thought I’d share it:

I’ve been waiting for a month and a half for this story to finally break - Daily Beast reports on the endemic culture of sexual harassment and abuse at VICE.

This comes hot on the heels of a VICE writer being accused of sexual assault, and the EIC of their Broadly sub-brand being caught participating in the harassment of women.

Expect more to come.

Team Four Star have created a side channel called Four Star Bento, which is meant to discuss and analyze anime. Their series Saturday Morning Sushi is absolutely stellar, showcasing anime that had to be sanitized for television broadcast in an age before Internet streaming rendered that practice moot.

Today is the 30th anniversary of the infamous “Max Headroom Incident,” where a few jackasses (one of whom wore a Max Headroom mask) hijacked a couple of local broadcast stations. The perpetrators, to this day, have never been identified.

Oddity Archive originally covered this incident for his first episode 5 years ago, and he revisits it today with updates regarding the technical details, as well as debunking previous popular theories. I’ll provide both of his videos below.

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Wisecrack draws parallels between Adventure Time and The Iliad and how the show takes Homer’s structure of poetry, Bathos, and its 11-minute length to maximum effect.

One of the best YouTube Channels of all time, Every Frame a Painting, is officially dead. Sad to hear but given the explanation it is very understandable and best of luck to them for their future endeavors. If you haven’t gone and watched all of their videos, you should do so immediately.


Media Zealot explains why the Harvesters (the aliens from both Independence Day movies) are among some of the stupidest sci-fi aliens to exist, despite being technologically advanced.

He has a whole playlist on this subject. I’d recommend checking them all out.

Major spoilers for an apparently godawful movie:

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Major spoilers in both videos.

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If any of you people still haven’t seen Kaiji, you just need go out and watch that now. And if you need convincing, here’s a great video explaining what makes the show so good:

Overly Sarcastic Productions, one of my favorite channels on history and classic literature, talks about the aspects of Assassin’s Creed: Origins that are historically accurate.

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This was needed. Fuck Bright. If you don’t know the plot for Bright, Lindsay explains it without jokes or tangents from 5:00 to 10:45

While traversing down the YouTube hole last night, I came across this guy in the recommendations: Jake Butineau. He talks about the mechanics of video game music, and he’s a composer himself.

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So, Business insider posted an article not long ago which was basically talking about how production hell was a good thing(it’s not, Tesla is just fucking everything up), and profiling an employee at Tesla.

In it, they portray the example of a robot which lays the adhesive for gluing in windows as an example of Tesla being the future of Automotive manufacturing, literally, “glimpse into Musk’s plans for factories of the future.”

That employee came to Tesla from Ford. Ford use that exact robot in their factories. It’s a Fanuc industrial robot arm, with a glue applicator head. Ford have been using that process with the robot arm - if not that exact Fanuc arm - for at least 15 years. This isn’t the future, it’s the fucking late 90s/early 2000s, and “Production Hell” is just what every other company calls Production ramping, except Tesla keeps fucking it up, sorry, “Disrupting” it.

This isn’t some obscure information, or trade secret - the amount of industrial automation in the Automotive industry has been known for a long, long time. That’s basic research kinda shit, and someone who pretty clearly covers almost exclusively the automotive space - though lately, it seems more like exclusively does glowing coverage of Tesla and drinking their Musky Flavor-aid - should already have at least some idea about.

Do your fucking job competently, or find a new job.

Edit - Oh, and he also wrote a profile of an employee whose job it is to Test every car that comes off the line - despite the fact that according to Tesla, it’s policy that they don’t drive a new car before the customer does, AND Tesla vehicles have literally the highest failure and manufacturing error rate in the industry. So either he’s not doing his job and Tesla is lying, or Tesla lied to him, and he’s not doing his job.

Video Game Story Time is a relaxing video game channel presented in a children’s storybook fashion that details the lives and inspirations of video game creators. There are way too many good examples to pick from, so I picked a few to give you a taste.