Media Analysis and Criticism


Sweet, Crash Course is doing a Media Literacy series.




The YouTube main page recommended Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes today. A real life doctor answers questions that viewers have regarding medical science, and he also compares medical dramas with the actual professional field to test their accuracy.





I’m writing music analysis for Oddball Magazine now. The article is called Feedback. This one is the best I’ve written so far.


A smaller channel I have found recently. Malmrose Projects. They do both media and some political stuff. I am going to link two different analysis videos.

Analysis of “Upstream Color” the second film the director of Primer did:

Part of what might be a series about transphobia in film with the first episode on the transphobic aspects of Ace Ventura:


Not putting this in the wrestling thread because it isn’t about a specific event or match, but rather about the medium of wrestling itself.


In the wake of “The Problem with Apu” and The Simpsons absolutely inane response, I want to highlight two very good videos highlighting the overall fall of the Simpsons.

The first by Dan Olson about Homer as a character and his position as the “common white male” on TV for a generation of viewers.

And the other by Super Eyepatch Wolf on the larger downfall of the series:


And to show that you can’t say any (every) ethnic group is a single bloc that thinks the same about all issues pertaining to him, here’s an Indian dude who doesn’t really see any problem with Apu:

Not being Indian, I can’t of course say anything about how Indians feel about Apu (other than quite a few Indian friends and acquaintances I’ve known over the years found him hilarious – but again, a few individuals don’t speak for an entire group). However, I can identify with the author of that Twitter thread in that there’s no shame in being an immigrant who works his/her ass off to make a better life for their family, and as the son of immigrants who did just that, I do identify to an extent.


My latest


I honestly think this is required viewing for anyone who has ever had any significant contact with gaming webcomics like CAD or Penny Arcade, either positive or negative. Trust me, this video is not what the title or thumbnail suggest it to be. Just watch it.


I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of avoiding this one, because I’m expecting the same tired shitting on PA and incomplete, unfair retellings of events that I’ve seen repeated a thousand times, and I don’t need to hear again, especially with the context of Hbomb’s own troubled past with trans folk. But I’ll take that rec and watch it, I suppose.


That’s what I think is interesting about this one. He gets into the failings of CAD and comics like it, but the more interest point he has to make is that they still have Something To Say about gamer culture, intentionally or not.

Though that’s surprising to hear about Hbomb having issues with trans people. What happened?


The super short version - he threw a FtM trans person(who had worked with him on some of his videos), who was the victim of sexual harassment under the bus in favor of his mate who was the perpetrator(though harassment doesn’t really cover the seriousness of it, since the person was making credible threats of sexual assault, as a pickup line). When said trans person went to Hbomb(as the perpetrator was a mutual friend) to say “Hey, this guy, he’s been super shitty, this is what he did, you’re kind of helping him, I could use your support”, Hbomb basically pulled the usual “I don’t believe you, you must be mistaken, he’s not like that” etc card, while spreading doubt around their group of friends. He also kept the perpetrator on as a Discord mod, livestream mod, and had him contributing to videos.

Then, when said person called Hbomb out publicly, Hbomb made an ass-covering non-apology, and according to people on his discord, banned any and all discussion of the topic except in private, to him, kept on being mates with(and iirc, having him in a position as mod of his discord) the perpetrator, and apparently kept on with the same “Aw, she’s crazy, it’s all fake, xyz is just doing it for attention” - except he just did it in the voice chat channels, rather than the text, so it couldn’t be screenshotted, and you’d have to be either very lucky or rather prepared to actually make a record of. He has made no mention of it since his non-apology.


Goddammit, Hbomb. :confused: Well that certainly undercuts certain parts of the above video, namely the bits about The Room (or maybe it strengthens them considering the irony).


Lindsay’s partner in crime, Nella, now has her own YouTube channel. In her first video, she explains how the recent Rampage movie has fucked up geography. Her second video explains how the early U.S. acquired its land after its war of independence.


Addition to the second video: If the film is set in 1789 then huge parts of whatever was west of the Mississippi would’ve still been a mystery. The Spanish had explored parts of what is now America and was then Mexico but fucked if any western power knew what was going on in much of the Pacific coast or most of the Great Plains.