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Apparently modern IDS (Intrusion Detection System) platforms make a lot of assumptions about national origin of DNS records. Pretty-much any TLD (Top level Domain) from smaller countries is automatically treated as hostile.

E.g., any DNS query for a domain in Palau (pw) is automatically assumed to be malware.

If you google about the domain, the autosuggestions are wonderful.

Pretty safe bet. Ever intentionally visit a site from Palau?

I remember at RIT in the days before gmail. I forwarded each individual spam message I got at my address to the RIT sysadmin to complain.

Once spam started getting bad, I set up rules to auto-block anything that came from an ip address in China or Russia, and that actually kept most of it at bay for years.

I used the spam filter that was built into Thunderbird, and it worked rather well at the time.

I frequent sites with the top level domain of the Federated States of Micronesia though I doubt that counts.