MAGFest 2022

Dates have been announced. There are still things up in the air, get that hotel if you are thinking about going and stay tuned here from updates on me on how it is going to shake down. At the moment this event WILL HAPPEN but they are arguing about Covid protocols and once I know about them, you will know about them.

If anyone is planning on booking their own room at the Wyndham this year, DM me ASAP.

I can get a 2 Bedroom at a better price that what anyone else online would offer. (Within reason)

If there aren’t any takers I’ll probably be doing something similar for Katsucon. I just know more people are going to MAGFest.

(Note this is in addition to the room I normally book for myself, Coldguy and the usually people who I room with.)

Edit: Just to let everyone know, I’m not squatting/scalping a room. It’s more that I have points to spend by a certain amount of time.

Just a heads up there is a good chance I will not staff this year (it’s a long story). Hopefully will attend as a normal attendee but that too is up in the air. If they announce anything that I can pass along I will share it but for now it is in a wait and see.


So can finally update this, covid policy for mag is out, all people must be vaxed in order to go. Also all people must wear masks at all times. Following the Geeknights convention policy that means a no go.


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Ah well.

I’m very glad they’ll require vaccination. But it’s probably still too soon for a big mass gathering.

While I respect that masks will make it safer, personally that’s not worth the hassle compared to just waiting another year.

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You have no idea how much my department had to plede the case to require vax, if there ever was a year to skip, this is BY FAR the one to do so.

Even if MAG has the correct policy of requiring VAX, there is no world in which they will check properly. Or if they do check properly, it won’t be efficiently. Get ready for lines out in the cold.

The only hope really is if somehow the case numbers drop back down to June levels (or lower) and then restrictions can be lifted appropriately.

For those interested the event posted the dates to buy a badge and hotel

Also the Panel submission form is live

Note: There is a high chance I will not be able to make it this year, also I am not doing any behind the scenes things when it comes to panels. I can put in a good word if need be but that is about it. Also any tabletop panel programming is being handled by a different department for those that do those panels.

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From the reddit today.


I’m glad I didn’t buy my badge, I just couldn’t bring myself to go this year.

CES is the same weekend, and major exhibitors have been bailing at a steady pace apparently.

Welp, a ton of panelists, Jon St. John, and several musical acts have bailed in the last eight hours it seems.

A third headlining guest has bailed:

Want some merch? MAGFest - Fangamer