MAGFest 2018


Bit of a long shot but is anyone thinking about going to MAGLabs? From 9/1 to 9/3 or is that in Pax land?


I think that’s PAX prime and I’ll be flying out Portland that weekend.


Small heads up you have about a week before the price bumps up 1 more time. Save that $6


I’m going to MAGLabs.


MAGWest is tomorrow! You East Coast types are gonna miss out.

Also, amusingly, there’s a Crunchyroll-sponsored anime convention literally across the street. I’m going to try to entice as much of their attendance over to MAG as I can.


If I didn’t have new job I be so down there too. You mag pass let’s you get into the exhibit hall at crunchy roll so take advantage of it.


MAGWest review: It’s basically a complete sampling of MAGFest’s things but with only a thousand people and no lines for anything. So things I did:

  1. got decent at Jubeat (that rhythm game with the cube that always has huge lines)
  2. Played a bunch of Initial D
  3. Played a bunch of DDR
  4. Went to many non-packed concerts

Last night I went to the DJ battle until the hotel literally kicked us out at 3AM as Grimecraft tried to keep going kinda forever, and then played DDR until I pulled something in my leg and decided I should probably stop.

So it was a Magfest. I recommend y’all come next year if you have the time.


Travelling is expensive though.


Hey @linkigi don’t forget to take the survey about MAGWest.


I laughed a little too much at this.


Question for people with Super Magfest tickets. Did any of you get emails about the rooms yet? I ask because I got an email saying the links were coming this week, keep an eye out for them, but over the weekend 2 friends of a friend got their links that will go live today.


Yup if you clicked the check box a link and code will be sent out to you today. This also includes vendors and other people too, one room can be held until Thursday when everything will open up.


Not sure if the magfest in the gaylord in january is called super magfest but no, I’ve not gotten the email about actually getting rooms. Just the one that talks about actually getting a room.


January MAGFest is Super MAGFest. The email for room sign ups went out at 1PM EST today. Check all your folders, spam, what have you. Google put mine in the “Promotions” tab.

You can click into a waiting queue now, but at 7PM everyone currently in the queue will get randomized, and everyone after that will add on to the end. At that point, when it is your turn, you will have 10 minutes to fill stuff out and you can get one room. You’ll need the password from the email.


That’s kinda cool. Fortunately I’ve already got mine but I think I’ll shoot for cheaper.


I still don’t have an email. I’ve checked every folder, and I’m sure I clicked the box for it when I signed up.

Edit: talk about a last minute play, I got the email and I’m in the queue with like 3 minutes to spare lol


Well that was exciting.


All I got was for a “hotel pending” room. Fortunately 2 of my friends fared better so I’ll probably be ok


I already had a room but tried anyway. Got the exact same room, (well hotel and room type) but for $120 cheaper.

That’s like a magfest hoodie + some nice art right there.


The initial block is now sold out, according to Magfest. A lot of people are (predictably) angry on the internet.