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I love the Looney Tunes! They’re some of the best cartoons of the 20th century and they have a large roster of successors and spinoffs–some great, others not-so-much.

I’m starting this topic today because Warner Bros. announced a few months ago that they’re making brand-new Looney Tunes shorts. You can read the details here.

A few days ago, they put up a billboard for the new series. Color me impressed.

I love how this billboard uses the classic Looney Tunes logo from the 1930s, and Bugs even has his old yellow gloves, which he hasn’t worn since the early 1940s. WB is really going old-school here.

EDIT: It turns out WB gave us a little taste of the animation during the opening logo for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

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Reviving here because we all need to remember.


Looney Tunes: Back in Action is surprisingly good and holds up pretty well. It’s probably the closest in tone to the original Looney Tunes with lots of great references to classic shorts. Anyone who tells you Space Jam is better is in serious, serious denial.


Oh ho! He’s hidin’ in the stove, eh?


Every time someone mentions a wizard I immediately hear "Behold the wizaaaaard… Beware his poweeeeeers…!”


The Batman / Elmer Fudd crossover is what noir dreams are made of.
Tom King really kick it out of the park on this one.


You may have heard recently that the Space Jam rumors were finally confirmed after years of speculation.

Turns out it’s a reboot, not a sequel.


Doesn’t matter whether it’s a reboot or sequel; like the original, it’s going to be awful.

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The thing that gave us r/comeonandslam cannot be awful.


Yes, it is going to be awfully good.


Space Jam is so cynically cash-grabby and terrible that I can’t see it as anything but a complete embarrassment for everyone involved.

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That’s why it’s great.


Awfully good.



That is literally why it’s great?



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Alex Kirwan gives us a peek at the upcoming Looney Tunes Cartoons:


Good thing I already own a spear and magic helmet.

I am prepared.


Update on the new shorts: WB will be using a full orchestra, just like the old days.

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